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April 2011

Here is the latest news about AKCP developments and product announcements and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

New – Ultrasonic Fuel Level sensor video

Following the successful launch of our Ultrasonic Fuel Level sensor a few months ago we have now updated our promotional / introductory video in the AKCP YouTube Channel. You can find this by going to the following link: Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor.

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Can monitor fuel, oil or water
  • Operating distance of 0mm to 2000mm maximum
  • Programmable tank dimensions via windows application
  • Linear and non linear tank calibration at 5 levels
  • Supports metal and plastic tanks

Please contact sales for more information sales@akcp.com.

New – Updated Media Pack

We have updated and improved the high resolution images and datasheets for all AKCP products.

These can be downloaded from our website, just go to www.akcp.com or contact sales for more information sales@akcp.com

New – Customer Power Monitor Sensor Installation Case Study
We are pleased to share with you some great case study material from our Columbian Dealer Klover Informatica y Telecomunicaciones who have recently enjoyed success using the AKCP Power Monitor Sensors to help their clients.

Mobile communications base station in Columbia

A pilot project installation has been completed on behalf of a mobile/cellular company in Columbia using a monitoring system for a telecoms Base Station. This Base Station uses a main power supply from a commercial energy company and has two diesel generators.

AKCP supplied the securityProbe 5E unit along with four temperature sensors, two cameras, four DC voltmeters (to measure AC-DC rectifiers), four Power Monitor Sensors, two voltmeters (for the diesel generator batteries) and two ultrasonic fuel level sensors.
There is an ATS (a Siemens Automatic Transfer System) that controls the energy sources so if the main source fails it is powered and the source of energy is transferred automatically. This installation included four AKCP Power Monitor Sensors:

  • One PMS to measure the voltage and current of the ATS output (three phases)
  • One PMS to measure the voltage of the commercial energy source
  • One PMS to measure the voltage of Diesel Generator 1 (When the Generator is active)
  • One PMS to measure the voltage of Diesel Generator 2 (When the Generator is active)
This setup of AKCP Power Monitor Sensors does not replace the automatic functions of the ATS, but gives an early warning notification to the engineers. If the main electricity source fails, the diesel generators give the necessary power but the engineers are alerted of the power source failure. This site contains a variety of AKCP sensors and they use the securityProbe 5E to notify and alert their engineers if any pre set parameter is breached.

You can find out more about our Power Monitoring products on our website
www.akcp.com or contact sales@akcp.com

Mapping telecoms sites on the securityProbe
Recently we introduced the new animated icons to the mapping function on the securityProbe and AKCess Pro Server software. This month we have the case study from Klover highlighting the use of AKCP products in remote telecoms sites. This is an ideal use for the mapping functionality and here is an example to show what this could look like. All the sensors are simply dragged and dropped onto the desired map or layout. To change the icon image just right click each icon and select the appropriate image for that sensor.
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