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July 2011

AKCess Pro – Market Strategy Shared

AKCess Pro is looking for substantial growth in the coming years. Our products will be developed to support our dealers who are a vital part of this strategy.



Dealer Partnerships

We are investing heavily in our research and development to bring cost effective products to market. Specifically products that meet your customer’s needs. As a valued dealer we want to take you on this journey with us. AKCess Pro is the only company in the world that offers truly integrated monitoring. Using AKCP devices you can monitor the environment, access control, power and security at both central and remote locations using the AKCess Pro Server Management Software. We pride ourselves in forging strong relationships with our dealers. Our global dealer network is helping AKCess Pro to grow and with a partnership style relationship we can work together to close deals and provide products and solutions that your customers need.

New revamped AKCess Pro website

The AKCess Pro website has now been updated to reflect our corporate strategy. The new site has a straightforward clean look and feel making it easier to navigate. There is more emphasis on the AKCess Pro integration capability and the site now includes resources to support this. There are case studies and testimonials, an events page, newsletter and press release archives as well as support pages that include a comprehensive knowledgebase and our e-learning channel.

“Alarm Server” capability added to securityProbe 5E

If you have clients that need to inter-connect paging equipment with phone exchange systems and computers then you need to use the common protocol ESPA4.4.4.

This capability has now been added to the securityProbe 5E and enables a variety of alarms to be sent.

This protocol is supported by a large number of systems, such as fire alarms, intruder alarms, nurse call systems and DECT cordless telephony and was created in 1984 by the European Selective Paging manufacturers Association, and has since then become an industry standard. The protocol is message orientated and based on short messages being sent over a serial data link, such as RS-485, RS-422 or RS-232. In an ESPA communications link there is a master unit and one or more slave units.

Please contact support for more information support@akcp.com. Please note that users will require an Rs232 to USB converter to connect the securityProbe 5E to the telephony equipment

New Airflow Sensor

This new improved Air Flow Sensor replaces the old Airflow Sensor and is available to order now. The new Airflow Sensor monitors the status of the flowing air around sensitive equipment and will indicate presence or the absence of air flow. When connected to a sensorProbe or securityProbe information is displayed graphically via its web interface. In addition to an on/off indication, analog values can also be graphed over a period of time.

    Improved accuracy

    On/off alarm signal for airflow

    Airflow data graphically displayed over time

    Available to order now

NOTE: The new Airflow Sensor works with the securityProbe Series and with sensorProbe2’s shipped after October ‘09 and sensorProbe8’s shipped after July ‘11

Please contact sales@akcp.com for more information or see the new datasheet.

Product code: AFS00. Price: $125

Now shipping – the new – sensorProbe4

Recently we announced the launch of the all new sensorProbe4. The new sensorProbe4 is a standalone product and like our other devices it is fully SNMP compliant and compatible with our range of our intelligent sensors.

There is no external software to install making it a platform independent environmental and security monitoring device. The sensorProbe4 fits neatly between the existing sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe8 devices opening up greater potential for you to leverage additional sales.

Download the sensorProbe4 Data Sheet. or visit the sensorProbe4 Product Page.

Please contact sales for more information sales@akcp.com.

Product code: SP4. Price: $325

Who we are

AKCess Pro is the world leader for networked environmental, power and security monitoring solutions.


Today, AKCess Pro is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of networked environmental, power, security and access control monitoring equipment with over 100,000 systems preventing disaster and monitoring infrastructure.

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