Customer Testimonials


"Our clients love AKCP products. We find the AKCP sensorProbe2 to be a very reliable and cost effective web enabled temperature monitor. Thank you for such great products!."

Tom Watson, CTSI Limited

"For several years, we sell the AKCP products to our customers. We appreciate the high quality and the always perfect support from AKCP."

Roger Oeltjendiers, Didactum

"We have been using 8 sensorProbe devices for 5 years in BP Azerbaijan data rooms without any problems. Thank you for such reliable products!"

Yashar Dadshev, BP Azerbaijan

"All communication and support from AKCess Pro has been excellent. Product setup was easy and the data collected is great. With our satisfaction of this product and the quality of support we received, we will definitely consider purchasing more products from you in the future."

Paul G , Newport, RI

". . . the SMTP relay server you provided is working great. As always, your support has been fantastic… both pre and post sales. Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and follow up."

Jeff S, University of Colorado

"We LOVE your products and so does every customer we sell them too"

Kevin Ibbitson, CSI Power & Environmental Inc

"These sensorProbe 2 units have performed flawlessly for me for over 2 years now and I can't say enough about the reliability of the units. I now have over 27 units operating in a manufacturing plant and the one and only single failure that occurred was with a power adapter on one of the units and I'm pretty sure you guys are simply purchasing these wholesale from another manufacturer.

Your team deserves credit for an outstanding product. Please pass this along to your entire team – Job well done!"

Steve Pesch (Weir Minerals North America)

"At the Keck Observatory we required an easy, fast and cost effective solution to monitoring the humidity at the boresite of our laser. The AKCess Pro sensorProbe2 provided just the solution we required!"

W.M. Keck Observatory (Mauna Kea, Hawaii)

"We were very surprised to see that this level of support and genuine care still exists in an industry where there is so much pressure on mass consumerism. Our other vendors would have pressured us to replace or upgrade. We are a small company, very far away, and we don't get this kind of support from the big players who are in our town."

Gund W. (Waikato District Council, New Zealand)

"As usual, your customer services follow-up is superb… AKCess Pro answered our question immediately and accurately and were extremely helpful. You are our favorite vendor to deal with actually!"

John C. (Crawford Technologies Ltd)

"…I have been very impressed with my dealings with AKCess Pro to date. I have needed support a few times now and have always received a quick response. What is more the responses have always been "real" responses.

What I mean by that is so often when you ask for support from businesses you get a canned answer that is quite obviously just an attempt to get rid of you… There seems little real concern to make sure that the issue is really resolved.

My dealings with AKCess Pro have always been the reverse of that and because of that I would like to say THANK YOU."

Luke C. (Sealed Air)

"After an extensive search for a device that I knew must exist I located AKCess Pro and your elegantly designed SP2" and configured it for action, "Configuration was simple." "I believe anyone that could plug in an over the counter router would not have any trouble with the SP2."

David Texas

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AKCess Pro is the world leader for networked environmental, power and security monitoring solutions.


Today, AKCess Pro is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of networked environmental, power, security and access control monitoring equipment with over 100,000 systems preventing disaster and monitoring infrastructure.

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