AKCP and Box Broadband

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Box Broadband is a newly establish ISP in the United Kingdom. They required a monitoring solution to log access to events to the remote cabinets that house communications equipment. This … Read More

AKCP AdministratorAKCP and Box Broadband

sensorProbe+ now include built in buzzer!

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As of January 2018, sensorProbe+ devices (SPX+ and SP2+) ship with an internal buzzer as standard, with no price increase to the end user. On the SP2+ the buzzer is … Read More

AKCP AdministratorsensorProbe+ now include built in buzzer!

AKCP Installs for Clark Water, Philippines

AKCP AdministratorCase Study

Clark Water, a subsidiary of Manila water, selects AKCP to partner in the installation of an upgraded monitoring solution for their remote sites. Clark, Philippines, a former US Military Base, … Read More

AKCP AdministratorAKCP Installs for Clark Water, Philippines

AKCP Announces Programmable LCD Display

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AKCP, the worlds leading supplier of SNMP enabled monitoring solutions for the data center, releases a programmable LCD display. Mount the display on your computer cabinet, aisle, or wall, and … Read More

AKCP AdministratorAKCP Announces Programmable LCD Display

Thermal Mapping Your Data Center

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Thermal Map Sensors Data Centers have traditionally monitored the temperature and humidity within them via sensors positioned in the room or on individual cabinets. AKCP has been the worlds leading … Read More

AKCP AdministratorThermal Mapping Your Data Center

Generator Monitoring Solutions

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Why Monitor My Generator A generator is like any other engine, it needs maintenance. Unlike a car, however, you are not always looking at the various gauges and indicators. Generators … Read More

AKCP AdministratorGenerator Monitoring Solutions

IOT Monitoring for your Datacenter

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Make your IT Cabinet part of the IoT world with a Smart Rack Solution In today’s connected world, even your computer cabinet itself should be part of the IoT. Deploying … Read More

AKCP AdministratorIOT Monitoring for your Datacenter

Why Temperature Monitoring In The Data Center Is Important?

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Why is monitoring temperature in your server cabinet important. The interior of a server cabinet can oftentimes be a hostile environment for your servers to operate in. Servers, switches, and … Read More

AKCP AdministratorWhy Temperature Monitoring In The Data Center Is Important?