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After over 20 years success in the field of environmental monitoring for computer rooms and the telecoms industry AKCP has created a division to specifically focus on providing solutions for the Telecom Tower sector.

Environmental and security monitoring as well as fuel level and battery monitoring, CCTV video surveillance and access control are all in some way required for telecom tower sites. Many telecom towers are in remote locations, particularly in emerging markets such as the African continent. These remote locations are difficult to monitor and manage. They suffer greatly from downtime due to lack of an infrastructure monitoring system, poor maintenance cycles, security breaches and theft. Telecom Tower companies are rapidly acquiring a portfolio of tower sites and as part of their service level agreement contracts with telecom companies the towers must typically maintain a greater than 98% uptime. It is therefore vital that sites are monitored effectively so that proactive maintenance can be taken and reactive action can be taken to maximize uptime.

It is with this in mind that AKCP has formed the InteliTower division. Taking our expertise in environmental, security, video surveillance, battery, power and fuel level monitoring backed by our central management software, AKCess Pro Server, we provide a modular solution for the tower industry.

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AKCP AdministratorInteliTower Remote Cell Tower Division by AKCP