sensorProbe2 serves as the only line of defense against loss of life, Texas

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The sensorProbe2, AKCP’s original environmental monitoring solution, serves as the only line of defense against loss of life in Texas. David and Kate of College Station, Texas, have full trust in their sensorProbe when it comes to the lives of their loved ones. sensorProbe2


David and Kate have combined their sensorProbe2 with a satellite uplink to provide real-time monitoring of their home, this coupled with alerts sent to their work e-mail, personal e-mail and cell phones ensure they always have peace of mind while out of the home. Their temporary home, the Cardinal Recreational Vehicle pictured, can turn into an oven in the hotter states of America. “In Texas the temperature can easily reach 100F (38C). A thin walled and poorly insulated RV would rapidly attain temperatures that would be fatal in the event of power or Air Conditioning failure. Even a power surge can cause the Air Conditioning to blow a fuse and turn off.”

With lives at stake, David, searched for a plausible solution, “After an extensive search for a device that I knew must exist I located AKCP and your elegantly designed SP2” and configured it for action, “Configuration was simple.” “I believe anyone that could plug in an over the counter router would not have any trouble with the SP2.”

You will be pleased to know that despite a few alarms and test runs, Ginger and Chile, the family PETS have never had to endure more than a slight sweat under the collar.

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AKCP AdministratorsensorProbe2 serves as the only line of defense against loss of life, Texas