Remote Telecom Custom Engineering Low Cost Quality Hardware and Software

Since 1981, AKCP has lead the industry in the design and manufacturing of network environmental, power, security and access control solutions. AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of distributed monitoring equipment with over 100,000 systems successfully deployed worldwide.

AKCP provide an experienced team of experts that will assist you with every aspect of your project. Our in-house services encompass every aspect of your custom engineering project requirements:

  • Hardware Design & Manufacturing
  • American Application / Software Design
  • Expert Integration
  • Technical Support
  • Sales and Marketing

AKCP has extensive experience in a wide array of vertical markets. We provide niche expertise in both platform creation and volume deployment support. OEM and end customer projects range from applications in remote site management, power monitoring, data center cabinet access control, enterprise access control and time and attendance to highly custom multi-function industrial, oil and gas and security solutions.

With 30+ years entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction and product reliability. AKCP has the passion, expertise, and resources to greatly simplify your path to market.

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AKCP AdministratorCustom Engineering Solutions for Remote Telecoms, ATM’s and Distributed Site Applications