Remote Telecom Custom Engineering Low Cost Quality Hardware and Software

By definition, 24/7 uptime is the quality standard for all mission critical monitoring equipment. AKCP recognize that quality in the field directly ties to expert QA processes in our production facility. That’s why all of our products are tested in environmental test chambers that expose AKCP designs to prolonged periods of extreme temperature and humidity.

Before AKCess Pro equipment is shipped it undergoes extensive burn in at a dedicated burn in facility at an AKCess Pro factory. After burn in, a thorough batch of functionality tests are run to make sure that every product shipped is of the highest quality possible.

This thoroughness results in some of the highest hardware reliability figures in the industry surpassing a lot of regular network equipment in reliability. Based on carefully monitored failure and repair data over time we have calculated the following MTBF values for our mainstream equipment.

  • sensorProbe2: 1,400,000 hours
  • sensorProbe8 series: 860,000 hours
  • securityProbe series: 400,000 hours

Our professional grade software testing is just as extensive. Over 500+ design checks are considered before the release of any AKCP firmware or application software. Our design checks are methodically anticipated, rather than waiting to correct unforeseen errors occurring in the field.

Our dedication to product and service quality extends into the field with unlimited support provided by our professional support agents. Furthermore, all manufacturing and component records are bar-coded, serialized in our factories providing detailed, on-demand field service records.

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