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AKCP sensorProbe+ Series Firmware Changelog

This is Changelog History of:

  • sensorProbe2+

  • 2017-08-17 Version spplus-1.0.3816 (sensorProbe+ units)
    Compatible with APS 12.4.3++

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    The firmware must be used with APS version 12.4.3 or higher

    • New features:

      – [Internal] – Device self diagnostics
      – [PMS][MODBUS] – Add 3rd Party Modbus Device feature
      – [SNMP] – New SNMP sensor index as OCTET STRING
      – [SSL vulnerability] – Disable weak rc4 cipher
      – [SENSORS] – Increased maximum number of doors and readers to 32
      – [NOTIFICATION][SNMP] – Implement new action “SNMP SET”
      – [SENSORS] – Added support of new “tube style” dual temp/humidity sensor
      – [HTTP] – Added support of custom HTTPS certificate
      – [HTTP] – Added new password features: expire period, default password flag
      – [HTTP] – Added HTTP server parameters to SNMP
      – [HTTP] – Implemented LED control for RS485 activity on Expansion/Modbus port
      – [HTTP] – Updated https default certificate
      – [UPGRADE] – Update firmware image files
      – [NOTIFICATION][SMS] – Add ability to add up to 5 phone numbers per SMS action
      – [SPX][MODEM] – Add support to the simple 4G modem

    • Fixes:
      [SENSOR][THMS] – Temp X.2 is always Sensor Error.
      [SENSOR][UFLS] – Wrong reading when Tank configuration is set to Non-Linear.
      [SENSOR][DCV] – Analog DCV -> iDCV replug has different behavior for Sensor4 and Main board
      [SENSOR][IDCV] – IDCV overvoltage status processing
      [SENSOR4] – When a Sensor is replaced with a another Sensor on same port, new sensor would have Unknown Status.
      [SENSOR4][THMS] – Temp Port X.X status is unknown status when plugging it to another port of sensor 4
      [SENSOR4][THMS] – Temp Port X.2 have Sensor Error status.
      [SENSOR4][IDCV] – iDCV stopped working after calibration
      [ACCESS] – Local access control, default setting errors
      [CCU] – Sensors on CCU disappear from summary page after a power cycle on CCU
      [HTTP] – “+” character is not seen on UI
      [HTTP][SYSTEM] – “Reset system password to default” doesn’t work
      [HTTP][SYSTEM] – Change network IP doesn’t not show redirect message
      [HTTP][MODEM] – Password on modem page is encrypted.
      [APS][HTTP] – boot up state in APS default status is ON while in WebUI is OFF
    • HTML UI Updates/Fixes:
      – Update: Notification log shown in system section.
      – New feature: Software activation if system software is disabled.
      – Increase SMS action to allow up to 5 phone numbers.
      – Increase firmware upgrade timeout to 10 minutes.
      – Fix system time to apply DST timezone.
      – Add iDCV over-voltage status.
      – Warning popup when logged in with expired or default password.
      – Add password expiration in Password Checking.
      – Restore backup file on new MCU module.
      – Fix issue where system time does not match with user interface.
      – Add HTTPS option and certificate.
      – New log messsage ‘User logged out by timeout’.
      – Show warning alert if modbus service is disabled.
      – Remove engineID parsing from Virtual SNMP Get, HeartBeat, SNMPTrap Action.
      – SNMP Set Action page
      – New feature: Multiple sensors in one graph.
      – New summary page design.
      – Check modem capabilities for telephone action.
      – Isolated DC Voltage Sensor show currently operating voltage.
      – Add telnet console in maintenance page.
      – Add PMS packages counter.
      – Modbus sensor with Float data type does not support Switch Style.
      – Fix gallon conversion for fuel level sensor.
      – Fix non-linear manual tank sender configuration with US unit conversion for fuel level sensor.
      – 3rd party PMS template file
      – Change IDCV text in sensor setting page when jumper is changed between 5 and 60 Volts
      – Add event log message for dry contact action made by user.
      – Show raw sensor value in 4-20, Digital Voltmeter, virtual sensors.
      – Add more status for SIM and network.
      – Reload host, sensor data when the device was rebooted by checking session ID
    • Known Issues

      – [SSL] – Some vulnerabilities are present (will be fixed in next release)
      – [VPN][EMAIL] – Still has email errors when VPN is enabled.
      – [SYSTEM][NETWORK] – SP+ has no hostname property available.

  • 2017-04-21 Version spplus-1.0.3505 (sensorProbe+ units)
    Compatible with APS 12.3.2+

    • New features:
      * SPC+ support
      * SPC+ Remote support (Basic Expansion bus)
      * [WEBUI] – New HTML web Interface, including access control (may require to clear the browser Cache after upgrading)
      * [NETWORK] – Licensed feature: add VPN support
      * [MODBUS] – Licensed feature: ability to add 3rd Party modbus PMS units
      * [WEBUI] – Add Login Lockdown after failed login attempts
      * [Sensor4][HANDLE_LOCK] – SHL supported on Sensor4
      * [HANDLE_LOCK] – Added support of manual online of Handle Lock
      * [NOTI] – Add action for Doors
      * [UJ][SNMP] – Event: add IP address source for SNMP ACKnowledge commands
      * [UJ][SNMP] – Event: add IP address source for SNMP Door commands
      * [VSENS] – Increase the total number of virtual sensors to 40
    • Fixes:
      [Sensor4][THMS] – Only Humidity Sensor is detected.
      [SENSOR4][RELAY] – Relay functionality is not working
      [SENSOR4][TEMP] – Single temperature sensor doesn’t work (not chained sensor)
      [SENSOR4][AFS] – Airflow flow does not work.
      [SENSOR4][IDCV] – iDCV Calibration does not work.
      [SENSOR4] – Unexpected Error message shown when a sensor is manually set online.
      [SENSOR4] – Boot Up State for switch sensors were triggered if Software Rebooted.
      [SENSOR4] – Switching Sensors Low/High and On/Off shows Unknown status

      [Dry10/20 IO] – Only Dry Contact Port 1 responses when shorted.
      [Dry10/20] – When I turned all dry contact ports offline, Last ports (10 and 20) LED indicator is still ON.
      [Dry10/20/60 IO] – Toggle function doesn’t work
      [Dry10/20/60 IO] – Boot Up State is triggered when doing Software Reboot.

      [LICENSE] – License Management – adding License Key Issue

      [NETWORK] – Ethernet link lost issue

      [VSENS] – Wrong status calculation for virtual sensor.
      [VSENS] – Virtual sensor disable does not work
      [VSENS] – Virtual Ping suddenly become Unknown but goes back to correct status.
      [VSENS][SNMP Get] – SNMP Get Virtual sensor with type switch ERROR status
      [VSENS][SNMP Get][Graph] – Graph plot are always in red regardless the threshold
      [VSENS][SNMP Get] – SNMPGet sensor thresholds divided by 1000

      [SENSOR][TEMP] – At advance setting temperature sensor show on Web UI correctly but APS shows wrong.
      [SENSOR][DCV] – When disable Autosense then unplug the sensor become sensor error.
      [SENSOR][THERMOCOUPLE] – APS doesn’t follow the threshold of the set sub type on WEB UI
      [SENSOR][RELAY] – sensor relay functionality is not working.
      [SENSOR][HANDLE_LOCK] – Sometimes SHL doesn’t detect card when it just plugged and added to DB
      [SENSOR][HANDLE_LOCK] – SHL is not supported for manual sensor online
      [SENSOR][HANDLE_LOCK] – Wrong behaviour when offline SHL and UI slow down
      [SENSOR][SIREN] – Siren : default boot on State should be OFF
      [SENSOR] – Sometime I got error when manual online sensor.
      [SENSOR] – Dry Contact sensor boot up state error
      [SENSOR] – Relay Boot Up state to On, set Action to Off, goes OFF ON OFF when reboot on systems reboot

      [Noti][Email] – macro description of “$[PORT]” shows wrong string.
      [Noti][Door Action] – SP2+ with CCU door action doesn’t work
      [NOTI][SMS] – SMS cannot be sent

      [E-IS8][UFLS] – UFLS unstable sensor reading when connected to E-IS8
      [E-IS8] – There is a delay of 10-11secs before detecting Sensor Error when a Sensor is unplugged
      [E-IS8] – under LED status indication , Disconnect the sensor, to make it Sensor Error the Red LED is not blinking
      [E-IS8][IODC8] – plugging IODC8 sensor to E-Sensor8 and disable the auto-sense the sensor status is critical, the sensor status should be Sensor Error
      [E-IS8] – Sensor error for switch type sensors when autosense is disabled

      [CCU] – time schedule access on APS is not synchronizing on WebUI
      [CCU] – APS doesn’t follow set Door Settings after configuring on Web UI.

      [UJ][SNMP] – Message “SNMPv3 was disabled due to license restrictions” appears 2 times
      [UJ][ACCESS] – Event log on Summary page sometimes does not show the full access event.
      [UJ][VSens] – “UNKNOWN on Virtual sensors is now offline” message in the user journal

      [NETWORK][DHCP] – DHCP is not working
      [NETWORK][RPC] – First time adding a brand new SP+ to APS, a pop-up says that it is already added
    • HTML UI Fixes:
      2017-04-12 User account unlock.
      2017-04-11 Fix event logs stuck at loading if some events happened while loading.
      2017-04-11 Fix edit notification action url.
      2017-04-07 Fix incorrect button displayed when upgrade failed then complete
      2017-03-23 Fix ACV sensor shows reading value of 1.
      2017-03-20 Fix unexpected modbus sensor setting event trigger from race condition problem.
      2017-03-10 Fix unexpected Error message shows when doing “Offline All Sensors in Error”
      2017-03-07 Displaying raw value for Modbus read sensors.
      2017-03-01 Add status test setting for Digital Voltmeter
      2017-02-23 Optimize Loading work flow to show some UI part while sensors loading.
      2017-02-16 Add log message “Sensor limit is reached”.
      2017-01-18 [DRY CONTACT PORT IMAGE] change dry contact icon color according to status.
      2016-12-29 No possibility to change status text for Virtual SNMPGet sensor in analog mode.
      2016-12-29 License Page show unexpected License Type.
      2016-12-20 [Noti] Fix handle lock notification.
      2016-12-07 Add PMS scan.
      2016-12-06 Add PMS support.
    • Known Issues:
      – [E-IS8] – still has some issues on few sensors
      – [SENSOr4][HANDLE_LOCK] – wrong status when lock is jammed
      – [SENSOR4][iDCV] – issue after calibration
  • 2016-12-09 Version spplus-1.0.3074 (sensorProbe+ units)

    • New features:
      – Modbus virtual sensor (TCP/IP and RTU)
      – Modbus Slave support (TCP/IP and RTU)
      – Modbus PMS support. Models supported: PMS220HC3P-FL, PMSCT50/60-FL, PMSHCS-FL
      – [UJ] Added message for malfunction status of Handle Lock
      – Change SSL certificate and key for HTTPS to be same as on securityProbe
    • Fixes:
      [APS][RPC] – First time adding a brand new SP+ to APS, a pop-up says that it is already added
      [Handle Lock] – Advanced Settings shows “undefined” character
      [SENSOR][THMS] – Default Sensor Port Numbering is not Temp 1,1.1, and 1.2
      [E-IS8][SENSOR] – Relay sensor default status is ON when connected to E-sensor8
      [E-IS8][SENSOR] – Fix E-Sensor8 dry contact behavior on master/slave reboot
      [CCU][ACCESS] – No permission when access with authorized user
      [NOTI ACTION] – The cycle time for 5 second is not working.
      [NOTI ACTION for Siren,Relay and Dry Contact] – Action should turn OFF after acknowledging regardless the status
      [SENSOR][THMS] – When Thermal Map Sensor is disconnected and then a Temp Sensor is connected, THMS is still detected with reading.
      [SENSOR4][SENSOR] – Fix dry contact UNKNOWN state on direction change
      [SENSOR][PRB8] – Fix XRelay8 dry contact control
      [SENSOR][THERMO]- Update thresholds when thermocouple ext type is changed
    • UI Fixes:
      * 2016-11-30 Change default min/max value of virtual sensor.
      * 2016-11-07 Add ‘offline all in Error’ button for thermal map sensor
      * 2016-11-09 Add warning if continuous time is too long
      * 2016-11-14 Show internal board if there are sensors.
      * 2016-11-11 Fix default min/max value on UI for virtual sensor.
      * 2016-11-11 Fix event export function not working.
      * 2016-10-02 Fix min, max label of sensor status threshold is shortened by fixed width.
      * 2016-10-28 fix min/max value of virtual sensor to support int32 range.
      * 2016-10-28 fix javascript error on sensor page.
      * 2016-10-27 Move some virtual sensor style setting to adv tab and add special character button for sensor unit.
      * 2016-10-26 Fix wrong reader label on sensor setting page when we also plugged TMS, It was incorrectly detected as Thermal Map Sensor.
      * 2016-10-26 Add ‘Data Collection Type’ setting for analog virtual sensor.
      * 2016-10-26 New UJ message for Handle Lock.
      * 2016-10-26 Description of Handle Lock status ‘Malfunction’ changed to ‘Lock Jammed’.
      * 2016-10-26 Fix wrong UI when first time configuring a tank sensor.
      * 2016-10-25 Fix wrong module name on sensor summary panel and fix column width.
      * 2016-10-14 [Handle Lock] – Calendar Settings shows “undefined” character.
      * 2016-10-05 Door Held Open Alert option uses incorrect property id.
      * 2016-10-05 Add system option:’Viewer’ Account Password Required.
      * 2016-10-05 Add system option: Show User Names on Login Page.
    • Known Issues:
      [THERMOCOUPLE][APS] – APS doesn’t follow the threshold of the set subtype on WEB UI
      [Smoke Detector][APS] – On Web UI, properties are changed and updated correctly but APS properties shows wrong.
      [Noti Door Action][CCU] – SP2+ with CCU door action doesn’t work
      [SENSOR4][SHL] – Handle Lock is not detected/supported
      [SENSOR4][THMS] – Only Humidity Sensor is detected.
  • 2016-10-11 Version spplus-1.0.2820 (sensorProbe+ units)

    • New features:
      Add support for the SPX+ series
    • Fixes:
      [SENSOR][VIRTUAL] Optimize virtual sensor defaults
    • WEB UI:
      New: Add clear date button and blink refresh button onchange in event page.
      New: Add software reboot function/button on UI.
      Fix: sensor and event log panel always show loading spin overlay when sensor status changes.
      Fix: save button doesn’t blink when there are changes.
      Fix: sensor dropdown menu out of screen on sensor setting page.
    • Known Issues:
      – Some sensors may not work correctly yet (water rope, UFLS)
      – Access Control on CCU not yet functional
      – Some sensor types not supported on E-Sensor8
  • 2016-07-07 Version spplus-1.0.2436 (sensorProbe+ units)

    • New features:
      Daylight saving time support
    • Fixes:
      – Red LED “always on” state if DHCP is enabled
      – Sensor Notification On System Boot Up doesn’t work
      – [SENSORS] Siren is ON after Offline
      – [CCU] CCU online in Event Log, but Sensor Page shows it is still disconnected.
      – [DRYCONTACT] Dry contact in notification control does not switch to its normal state
      – [SENSOR] Analog DC Voltage causes long initialization on reboot
      – [SENSOR] Fix manual online port display

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