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A. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the default IP address of the device when it is shipped from the factory?
    • The default IP assigned at the factory is: The device is not hooked up
    • For more tips on IP addresses also see “Trouble Shooting”
  2. Can I use the default IP of the device to access the web interface and later assign the desired IP?
    • Yes, you can access the web interface by entering the IP in your browser For more tips on IP addresses also see “Trouble Shooting”
  3. Where can I find the MAC address of the device?
    • The MAC address of the device can be found on the bottom cover of the device
    • On the web interface under Network page
    • When using IPSet in Automatically Get MAC mode
  4. Where can I find the mib file for the device?
    • The mib file for the device can be found in the help CD, under the directory: \akcp_utilities\mib\
    • You can also download the mib files from our web site after logging in with your units MAC ID from the Support >> Customer Login link
  5. Are there different mib files for each device, or are they the same for all products?
    • Yes, there are two different mib files, one for the sensorProbe line of products and one for the securityProbe line of products
  6. I cannot login to the device. What could be my problem?
    • The password entered is wrong.
    • The password has been changed by another user
    • Try logging is as Administrator and using public as the password
  7. If I cannot remember my password, what can I do?
    • You need to contact the AKCP Support Team at providing your devices MAC ID. See Question #3 above
    • The AKCP Support Team will provide you with an Administrator password, so you can login to the device
    • Try logging is as Administrator and using public as the password
  8. I am not able to change any settings in the device. What could be my problem?
    • You have logged into the device as a user. Only an administrator can make changes to the settings
  9. Is there a temperature sensor inbuilt within the sensorProbe? What is the grill on the top for?
    • # No. We tried to do that when we first designed the sensorProbe. It is much cheaper to have an integrated temperature sensor. That is the purpose of the grill on the top of the box. What we found is that there is no way to stop the heat from the sensorProbe from affecting the temperature sensor; this affect is from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. What would have been necessary had we proceeded with that design would have been to “tune” out the offset by applying a fudge factor. The problem is that this fudge factor would have had to change depending on the temperature and the operating conditions. So if we add in fudge factor for normal room temperatures it would have to change when there was a problem with the air conditioning and the ambient temperature was higher. Because of all these reasons, we came up with the external sensors, so that the measurements done by the sensors are accurate and there is no need for calibration.
  10. My sensorProbe8-X20 has the 20 extra dry contacts, can I configure these as inputs and outputs?
    • You can generate an output (0VDC/5VDC) using a dry contact sensor on the both the sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe8 on an alarm state, however this is done using one of the 2 or 8 RJ-45 Intelligent sensor ports on these units and not the 20 extra dry contacts. The extra dry contacts on these devices are for input only
  11. What is the maximum voltage I can input to the extra dry contacts on the sensorProbe8-X20?
    • # You can input up to 30 Volts DC to the extra dry contacts, as long as you have them configured as opto isolated. See Question #1 in the “How Do I” section of this knowledge base for instructions on how to set the dry contacts to opto isolated mode
  12. How do I know if my sensorProbe2, or sensorProbe8 is still working and has a network connection?
    • You can set the “Keep Alive” feature on the sensorProbe2/8 to send SNMP traps and adjust the interval in which to resend these. This feature is found in the web interface in the Traps tab
  13. Can I configure any of my extra dry contacts on my sensorProbe8-X20 to be both inputs and Outputs?
    • No, the 20 extra dry contacts on the sensorProbe8-X20 can only be configured as “inputs”. The single dry contact Intelligent RJ-45 sensor and the IO-digital8 dry contact sensor can be configured as both inputs AND outputs within the unit’s web interface.
  14. How much voltage and current can be applied to my sensorProbe8-X20’s dry contact inputs?
    • You can input up to 5VDC to the 20 extra dry contact inputs or up to 30VDC if these are configured in the opto isolated mode. Please see the “How do I” section on how to configure these.
  15. How many times does the unit read the values of the device connected to the 20 extra dry contact inputs on my sensorProbe8-X20 in one second?
    • We guarantee this read time is 2 times per second, but actuality, it will vary more than that) depending on the environment (number of sensors online, request http, send mail etc.).
  16. What is the maximum run length of the wire when connecting a device up to the extra dry contact inputs on my sensorProbe8-X20?
    • This really depends on what is connected to the extra dry contact inputs on the unit, so please check with the AKCP support team for more information on this.
  17. Is it possible to send SMS alerts using my sensorProbe?
    • The sensor probe units only send SNMP traps, or email alerts. However, you can use a third party SMS gateway running on a PC to send these alerts.
    • You can also use our securityProbe 5E, or our securityServer software to send the SMS alerts using a third party GSM modem connected to the USB port.
  18. I have both the sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe8 units and I recently noticed there is only one firmware update file now. Can I use this compressed file for updating both types of sensorProbes?
    • Yes, what we did was update the firmware code so that all sensorProbe devices (SP2/8/8-X20) will use the same main firmware update file. Now you will just download a single main file for all of the units.
    • The latest firmware can be downloaded from our web site by logging in with our units MAC ID at the “Customer Login” link located in the Support section.
  19. I am trying to run the firmware update on my sensorProbe, but am receiving the error message “Cannot Get Mega Model”? What is the problem?
    • Please use the version of IPSet that was downloaded/included in the version of firmware you are updating to.
  20. I am trying to run the firmware update on my sensorProbe, but am receiving the error message “Incorrect Zip File Version”. What could be the problem?
    • You are browsing to the compressed file that contains the IPSet, firmware file (compressed) and this text file. You need to browse to the compressed file that has only the firmware update code.
  21. I am trying to run the firmware update on my sensorProbe, but am receiving the error message “cannot get firmware version” in the IPSet utility. What could be the problem?
  22. Why does my sensorProbe2/8 show a different password screen after I upgraded my firmware and how do I set my web interface login passwords?
    • The User web interface login password is the same as the SNMPget community and the Admin is the same as the SNMPset\get community string. This is the default on the units. So you can enable these in the System page on your units web interface.
    • You set the web log in passwords there at that SNMP Community Settings, where on the newer SP2’s (mega256 chip – more memory) you can have separate login passwords from you SNMP communities.
    • If you have a sensorProbe8 and after the update you see an i on the end of the SPXXXi this determines that you unit has the older mega128 chip. This will also show on older SP2’s and all SP8’s.
    • All sensorProbe2 units shipped after October 2009 and sensorProbe8, sensorProbe8-X20 and sensorProbe8-X60 units shipping after July 1st 2011 have the mega256 8MB flash memory chip.
    • To determine your units chip version please check the web interface in the system page >> System Description
    • sensorProbe units with mega128 memory chip = SPXXXi
    • sensorProbe units with mega256 4MB memory chip = SPXXXj
    • sensorProbe units with mega256 8MB memory chip = SPXXX
  23. I cannot update the Administrator password on my sensorProbe2 device. After logging in as Administrator I can successfully change many settings, but when I change the Administrator password, save it, and Log Out the password remains “public”. The firmware upgrade didn’t help. How can I change the password?
    • You probably need to change the setting in the System page Password Settings – Use the same password for web interface and SNMP to No.
  24. Can I use the same version of probeManager and IPSet as I used to use with the previous versions of firmware on my sensorProbe?
    • No, we have we updated both of these utilities (probeManager and IPSet), so that when you run the new firmware update it will load the correct code for that particular type of unit from the main update file. You can download these updated utilities from our web site by logging in with your units MAC ID at the same link mentioned above.
  25. Do I need to extract, or open the compressed firmware file after I have downloaded this from your website? Why do I get prompted for a password when trying to open this file?
    • No, you do not need to open, or decompress this file. Simply download the firmware file, then using either IPSet, the utility called “configure”, or probeManager to update the firmware by browsing to this compressed file.
    • You will need to enter the admin password of unit into the password field of each utilities GUI.
  26. I have many sensorProbes connected to my network and I don’t want to have to manually update the firmware on each unit. Is there a way to update the firmware on many units at the same time? If so how do I do that?
    • Yes, you can use our free utility called “probeManager” to update multiple AKCP units that are connected to your network simultaneously. If you not sure how to use the probeManager utility, contact technical support.
    • The probeManager utility has also been added to our securityServer software, so this can be launched and used right from the securityServers GUI.
    • You can also use probeManager to get multiple backup files from the units and also load these backup files back to the units. This can be used for mass deployment of multiple AKCP units (as long as they are the same model of unit).

B. How do I?

  1. How do I configure my sensorProbe8-X20 extra dry contacts as opto isolated?
    • “Fig. 2 shows the JUMPERS (on the dry contact board) set up to provide opto-isolators support. Opto-isolators provide complete electrical separation between the unit and the dry contact”

  2. How do I rest my unit back to the factory default settings?
    • Yes, you can. You can reset the unit using our utility called “configure”, which you can download from our website by logging in with your units MAC ID here:
    • Please keep in mind this does not reset the master password for the unit. See FAQ above for the steps on recovering your master password for the unit.

C. Trouble Shooting

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you take the following steps before contacting AKCP support for further assistance.

  • Reboot the device.
  • Upgrade the device to the latest firmware version.
  • Search the knowledge base.
  1. I have a problem with my unit, is there a way I can reset my sensorProbe back to the factor default settings?
    • Yes, you can use our free utility called “configure” to reset the unit back to the factory default settings. If you do not have the Product CD any longer, you can download this from our web site at the Support >> Customer Login page.
  2. If I suspect I have a bad sensorProbe, how long is the warranty and what should I do?
    • Unless you purchased and extended warranty, this period is one year after the purchase date.
    • The RMA process begins with you contacting AKCPs Support Team, who will determine if the sensorProbe is faulty.
    • When contacting AKCP, please provide the MAC address of the unit
    • If the sensorProbe is determined to be faulty and is confirmed to still be covered under your warranty plan, then AKCP will provide you the RMA instructions for getting you a replacement unit at no cost
    • Please contact the AKCP Support Team at for instructions on the RMA process
  3. What if my sensorProbe is not covered under my warranty plan any longer? Will AKCP offer me a discount if I want to purchase a replacement sensorProbe?
    • Yes, AKCP offers a lifetime 50% discount off the current list price of the sensorProbe, if you wish to purchase a replacement. Please contact the AKCP Sales Team at and please include your units MAC ID
  4. Why am I unable to set the Ip to the device using the IPSet utility provided in the help CD?

    Yes, the following step will help setting up the IP address:

    • The power to the sensorProbe may be lost. Check the red LED. It should be steadily lit.
    • The device is not hooked up properly with the LAN/network/Patch cable. Check the green LED. It should be steadily lit. If it is not try another cable
    • The PC used to configure the sensorProbe is on a different subnet than the device. Note: IPSet.exe will not work across routers. It will work across switches and hubs.
    • Try to connect a crossover cable from a computer directly to the sensorProbe. This is the recommended method to set up the sensorProbe.
    • After connecting the cable, run the utility then cycle the power to the unit. The IPSet should obtain the IP address.
  5. If the IPSet fails, is there any other method of assigning the IP Address?
    • Find out the IP address of your network adapter by entering the command “ipconfig” at the command prompt. In Windows 2000 and XP the command prompt can be accessed by clicking on Start -> Run -> and then typing in ‘cmd’ into the dialog box.
    • Add the IP address of the sensorProbe to the routing table by entering route add x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the network adapter
    • Add ARP table by entering arp -s xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx where xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx is the MAC address of your sensorProbe
    • Ping with a buffer size as 89 bytes. ping -l 89 If the browser and access the ping works then open up your web interface of the device by typing the IP
  6. I am able to ping the device IP, but I am not getting the web interface when I enter the IP in the browser. What is my problem?
    • The proxy settings of the browser may be preventing the access to the device. Please disable the proxy settings to access the web interface.
    • You have updated the micro code of the firmware, but you have not updated the html code update. Html code updates has to be done, after the micro code update is done
  7. The device will not send email alerts successfully. What could be my problem?
    • The SMTP server is entered is wrong.
    • The send mail option is not enabled in the Mail settings page.
    • The timeout period entered is too low.
    • The gateway IP is not entered in the network page
    • The mail from address is not set
    • The mail server is not responding
    • The mail from address is not validated in the mail server
    • The mail server settings prohibit it from accepting connections form the device IP
    • The firewall in the network is preventing the SMTP traffic
  8. I am using Microsoft Exchange Server and I can’t seem to send email alerts, what could be my problem?
    • The sensorProbes only supports basic authentication. Exchange by default when a connecter is set up uses TLS, then basic. You have to uncheck this option.
  9. The device is not able to send SNMP Traps. What is my problem?
    • The destination SNMP TRAP IP is not set the TRAP settings.
    • The community entered is wrong.
    • The firewall is blocking the SNMP TRAP traffic.
    • The send SNMP Trap option is Off.
  10. I have HP OpenView, but I’m not able to receive the Traps.. What is my problem?
    • For changing the Traps to HP OpenView style, you need to send an SNMP command to the device given below:
      snmpset . i X
      Where IP is the IP address of the sensorProbe. Community default is “public”. and X can take 3 values: 1 (WhatsUP gold style), 2 (HP OpenView Style), 3(both Style). By default, the X value set is 1.
  11. My sensor readings show that the it should be in a warning state, but I am not getting any alerts. I also noticed another thing that is very strange. I have a temperature sensor connected and it seems to be reading the correct temperature, but why is the temperature in warning status when the temperature reading is within my normal threshold range that I have setup in the web interface?
    • This most likely due to either your “Rearm” settings, or your “Continuous Time for Sensor to be in new Status before accepting new Status” settings. You can check these settings in the Sensors page of the units web interface.
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