InteliTower Remote Cell Tower Division by AKCP

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Visit for more details. After over 20 years success in the field of environmental monitoring for computer rooms and the telecoms industry AKCP has created a division to specifically … Read More

AKCP AdministratorInteliTower Remote Cell Tower Division by AKCP

DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

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A distributed antenna system is a collection of antenna that are spatially separated within a given geographic area. They all share a common base station or hub that houses the … Read More

AKCP AdministratorDAS Distributed Antenna Systems

Geostrut Carbon Fiber Towers

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US based company Geostrut have been leading the way in innovative tower structure technology. By building tower structures from carbon fiber as opposed to traditional steel structure they can lower … Read More

AKCP AdministratorGeostrut Carbon Fiber Towers