AKCP established in the USA in 1981. With 30+ years experience in professional sensor management solutions we created the market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring. Today with over 100 employees and 180,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP enabled networked sensors.

AKCP’s growth has been fuelled by customer satisfaction and the solid reputation it has earned by the reliability of it’s products. AKCP takes great pride in providing a highly reliable product to its customers. Knowing it’s equipment is used to monitor equipment failure and prevent downtime of critical systems, the company has set itself the goal to deliver equipment that is reliable enough to take up this task.

AKCP’s R&D centres specialise in SNMP-based networking and embedded device technology and employ the best and brightest from top universities to develop new products and to improve current ones. AKCP provides an outstanding level of support to all customers with every customer having access to the companies technical and development staff. AKCP’s success is based on this winning combination of technical excellence and total support.

AKCP created and still defines the market for network-based environmental and security monitoring solutions. By setting the standards for technical achievement and innovation AKCP remains at the head of the field and in fact AKCP is the industry standard in the field of SNMP-based monitoring.

All products are manufactured under license to our strict quality control standards in the Philippines with oversight from an international management team. Every unit goes through a rigorous checklist which is kept on record. Test reports for your own unit can be provided upon request. AKCP’s sales and technical support center is in Bangkok Thailand, with banking and financial services are located in Singapore.

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These products were tested in Environmental test chambers that are configured for temperature and humidity. This testing exposed AKCP products to prolonged periods of extreme temperatures and humidity.

One cycle of a test takes about 5 hours. The Products are powered and run at testing points (1, 2, 3, and 4). The test begins with the temperature linearly decreasing from a room temperature to -40°C in the first hour. The temperature stays at -40°C for about 30 minutes. Then, it rises to 85°C with relative humidity of 80%.

Environmental Testing Procedures

Environmental Testing Procedures

The system will be tested for about 30 minutes at this point, and the temperature will be decreased to room temperature again.

Before AKCP equipment is shipped it undergoes extensive burn in at a dedicated burn in facility at an AKCP factory. After burn in, a thorough batch of functionality tests are run to make sure that every product shipped is of the highest quality possible.

This thoroughness results in some of the highest reliability figures in the industry surpassing a lot of regular network equipment in reliability. Based on carefully monitored failure and repair data over time we have calculated the following MTBF values for our equipment.

sensorProbe2: 1,400,000 hours
sensorProbe8 series: 860,000 hours
securityProbe series: 400,000 hours

Any problem encountered by a customer will receive top priority by AKCP’s engineering team. Currently the released systems operating in the field have no known bugs.

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