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AKCP is the worlds leader in SNMP based monitoring solutions for the data center. With over 180,000 installations worldwide, you can count on us to monitor and protect your critical infrastructure.

Data Center Analyzer

A self contained kit for anayzing your individual cabinets for hotspots, power overheadand airflow. Battery operated, rechargeable wireless sensors using LoRa™ technology pair with the included L-DCIM gateway with embedded AKCPro Server software. Rapid deployment and ease of movement from cabinet to cabinet. Audit the whole data center and generate a report which includes a snapshot of each cabinets health status. Data Center Analyzer

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Cabinet Analysis Sensor

The sensor includes differential pressure, cabinet thermal map and 2x I/O dry contact inputs. Battery operated, wireless sensor technology makes it easy to install and move from rack to rack as required to generate the data center analysis report.

Differential Pressure

The differential pressure measurement is a crucial indication of airflow through the cabinet. An insufficient pressure gradient will lead to in-efficient cooling as airflow is decreased through the cabinet. As cooling costs are the largest cost in the data center operation, ensuring efficient cooling is an essential aspect of reducing operational expenditure, as well as ensuring long life of servers.

Cabinet Thermal Map

Identify hot spots in your cabinet with temperature sensors at the front and rear, top, middle and bottom of the rack. Measure the ΔT (Delta T value) which is the temperature difference between the front and rear. When this difference is large, it can be an indication of a problem inside the cabinet leading to insufficient cooling.

2x IO Inputs

I/O inputs can connect with alarm outputs from a UPS, or utilized to monitor the front and rear door status of the cabinets. The dry contact status is not included as part of the data center analysis report, but can be used when installed on a permanent basis for monitoring alarms or security status of the cabinet.

Differential Pressure

L-DCIM, a “DCIM in a box”

Inside the data center analyzer toolkit is a portable version of the L-DCIM. This mini computer runs AKCPro Server, has integrated WiFi, Ethernet and LoRa™ radio. Powered by 5VDC input, plug into any 5VDC USB power supply, or power bank for portable monitoring. Recieve data from all AKCP wireless sensors, and create data center analysis reports through the built in user interface. Connect directly to the Ethernet port with your laptop, or to it’s own WiFi hotspot. No need to touch the data center network, completely independet system with no security issues to contend with. Quickly get setup and begin retrieving data from sensors, identifying hotspots, airflow issues, power problems. The data center analyzer with L-DCIM also makes a great portable LoRa™ demo kit!

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L-DCIM, a "DCIM in a box"

Cabinet by Cabinet Reporting

AKCPro Server Data Center Analysis Interface makes generating a report with snapshot of the health of each cabinet very simple. Enter the number of cabinets you wish to audit, pair the LoRa™ wireless sensors with the L-DCIM and you are ready to go.

Cabinet Reports show the current load, hotspots, front and rear temperatures and differential pressure with a graphical representation of the cabinet. Capture the data, move the sensor to the next cabinet and capture again. Once you are done with all cabinets the report is generated and exported as a PDF.

Cabinet by Cabinet Reporting

Cabinet by Cabinet Reporting

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