Issues With Hot Aisle Containment Design

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hot aisle

Within the data center, hot-aisle containment encloses the hot aisles. The IT equipment’s discharge air enters the enclosed hot aisle and is directed to cooling equipment via a ceiling plenum … Read More

tno tnoIssues With Hot Aisle Containment Design

Myths About Airflow Containment

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Myths on Data Center Airflow Containment

Data centers are crucial infrastructure for the modern world. Data has become a commodity and data centers are the medium to facilitate its flow. Every facet of our life is … Read More

Patrick FamisaranMyths About Airflow Containment

AKCP Security Scan Report March 2022


AKCP Security Scan Data Center Security A data center contains the enterprise’s IT equipment, applications and critical data, so it’s essential to provide proper security systems and security policy. The … Read More

AKCPAKCP Security Scan Report March 2022

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Principles

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Open Compute Project

Datacenter architects are always devising new techniques to improve the efficiency, integration, and scalability of data centers. When creating a data center, however, you frequently have to mix and match … Read More

AKCPThe Open Compute Project (OCP) Principles

Innovative Data Center Cooling For Increasing Demands

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data center cooling

Social networking, internet video streaming, smartphone apps, and other technological advances have resulted in a surge in information demand. Since 2010, data center workloads have increased sixfold while energy usage … Read More

AKCPInnovative Data Center Cooling For Increasing Demands

Safety and Health In The Data Center For Employees

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Safety In Data Center

To satisfy the high expectations for continuous data center operations, a lot of engineering, planning, and operational maintenance is required; yet, an atmosphere ideal for computer equipment is not always … Read More

AKCPSafety and Health In The Data Center For Employees

Data Center Optimization Strategies

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Data Center Optimization Is Essential

Data centers have become integral in our society today. We rely on these facilities for all our online activities. Data centers are the most crucial aspect of today’s computing infrastructures. … Read More

AKCPData Center Optimization Strategies

Open Compute For Every Data Center

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open compute

The market for data center hardware built to Open Compute Project specifications is exploding — and not only because of the demand from the hyper-scale cloud platforms. The market for … Read More

AKCPOpen Compute For Every Data Center