Reasons Why Monitoring Restaurant Refrigerators and Freezers is Important


importance of monitoring commercial refrigerators

Restaurants typically have refrigerator and freezer facilities for storing perishables. Larger restaurants and kitchens in hotels for example, have larger commercial type refrigerators. Whatever the size, monitoring restaurant refrigerators and freezers is important. In this article we will examine some of the reasons why remote monitoring of commercial refrigerators in restaurants is essential.

Preservation of Inventory

Perishables must be stored in accordance with recommended guidelines and best practices. This is not only for the health and safety of the consumers, but also to maintain the optimal flavor of the ingredients. When temperatures are too warm or too cold ingredients can loose their nutritional value, or grow harmful bacteria.

Some large kitchens can have commercial refrigerators storing thousands of dollars worth of ingredients. In these busy facilities shifts in temperature or the breakdown of the refrigeration systems can go unnoticed until it is too late. Aside from the health dangers, failures can result in significant financial losses as well.

Monitoring systems such as those provided by AKCP can alert when failures occur, when temperatures are out of range, or when negligent employees leave the refrigerator doors ajar.

Historical Data Logs

Remote monitoring devices connected with IoT cloud platforms keep a historical data log of temperatures and show any interruptions to operation and temperature deviations. Analysis of this historical data can indicate when there are problems with the equipment or the electrical system. When failures begin to occur more often it is a sign of a pending, potentially catastrophic breakdown of the system. The historical logs are used to conduct equipment audits and analysis.

Automated Checks

Automated, remote monitoring systems remove the potential for human error and negligence. A wireless temperature monitoring device such as those provided by AKCP is like having a new member of staff working 24/7/365 who’s only job is to monitor the refrigerators temperature. The system will not only monitor and log historical data, but pro0actively send status reports and alerts when temperatures are out of range, or doors are left open. This removes the number of manual checks needed.

Real Time Monitoring, Feedback and Analysis of Refrigerators

In this digital age of almost instantaneous communication you receive alerts immediately when something is wrong. Alerts and notifications are generated and sent to responsible parties. These can be via SMS, E-Mail, Phone calls or through integration with centralized monitoring and building management platforms. In addition to remote alerts, on site alarms can be raised. AKCP provides Siren and Strobe lights for audible and visual warnings. Sensor status lights can also be deployed to show the normal, warning or critical condition of a sensor.

Wall mounted LCD displays, phones and tablets display the sensor data for manual checking when required.

Industry Standards and Compliance

In most countries there are food standards and government regulatory standards that must be complied with. These protect the consumer from mistakes, failures in the cold chain and some unscrupulous business practices. By equipping your restaurant and kitchen commercial refrigeration storage facilities with an automated, real time remote monitoring system it can make it easier to meet these requirements and comply with regulations. AKCP generates digitally signed PDF reports that are in compliance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for digitally signed documents.


A remote monitoring system for commercial refrigerators, such as those provided by AKCP, are an important part of the modern kitchen. Whether your business is a small restaurant or a large commercial kitchen cooking for thousands at a time, the monitoring system scales to your needs. Battery operated wireless sensors are simple to install. Data is automatically sent to the AKCPro Server Cloud Platform where customized dashboards display sensor status and graph data.

Such systems can save thousands in fines for noncompliance with regulatory requirements, as well as reduce inventory losses caused by equipment failures.

AKCPReasons Why Monitoring Restaurant Refrigerators and Freezers is Important