Prevent USB Killer v2.0 attacks


Prevent ‘USB Killer V2.0’ Attacks with Server Rack Security from AKCP

Prevent targeted insider data breach attacks with server rack access security from AKCP. With minimal time, skill or effort any employee has the potential to view, leak or destroy information that they were never intended to see leading to major breaches in data privacy laws.

AKCP RFID Swing Handle LockAKCP RFID Swing Handle Locks are universally mountable, easy to install. It connects to any sensorProbe+ and provides simple, rack level access control without the need for extensive wiring or technical know-how.

Reduce physical access to server cabinets and comply with international data protection regulations such as the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC or the USA’s Federal Trade Commission Act which states numerous sector-specific national privacy and data security laws.

Protect against :
Employee Credential Misuse (Edward Snowden)
Encryption Key Sniffing (Tel-Aviv University)
Direct USB Attacks (USB Killer V2.0) and more…


A Russian computer researcher has developed a ‘USB Killer 2.0’. A modified USB stick capable of frying the internal components of any server or PC it’s plugged in to. By implementing access control for your IT cabinets you can restrict access and prevent harmful attacks such as the USB killer attacks.

AKCPPrevent USB Killer v2.0 attacks