AKCP Remote Temperature Monitoring – Guayaquil Traffic

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AKCP Remote Temperature Monitoring in Ecuador

AKCP together with our dealer Protecompu in Ecuador have implemented a Remote Traffic Monitoring system for the city of Guayaquil. AKCP monitors the temperature and humidity of traffic control equipment.

The city traffic control system has several cabinets located at major junctions around the city. The brief was to be able to monitor the temperature and humidity in all of these cabinets from the main traffic management office and receive alerts should temperature reach critical levels. AC voltage was also to be monitored so the traffic management office can be alerts should power be out to a junction, thus affecting the traffic control system.

AKCP deployed the SP2+ devices at each cabinet, together with dual temperature and humidity sensors and an AC Voltage sensor.

Remote temperature monitoring

AKCP SP2+ with dual temperature and humidity sensor installed

AKCPAKCP Remote Temperature Monitoring – Guayaquil Traffic