AKCP with Xafari Systems implements monitoring system for Africa R.E

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AKCP working in conjunction with our dealer in Kenya have implemented a monitoring system across several African nations for the Africa Reinsurance Corporation. Starting in 2010 at Africa R.E’s Kenyan office the AKCP securityprobe 5ES together with dual temperature and humidity sensors, smoke detectors, rope water sensors, ACV sensor and security sensors were deployed. After providing 1 year of free technical support for the project Africa R.E head office were interested in rolling out the solution to six more regional office in Africa, namely Lagos, Johannesburg, Abidjan, Port Luis, Casabalnca and Cairo.

Through an international tendering process AKCP bidded competitively and our dealer was awarded the project in January 2017.

AKCP with Xafari Systems

All sites are administered remotely through AKCPro Server at a central office in Lagos, Nigeria with backup and disaster recovery in Casablanca, Morocco. All sites are backup up by technical support provided through Xafari Systems in Nairobi, Kenya.

AKCP with Xafari Systems

AKCPAKCP with Xafari Systems implements monitoring system for Africa R.E