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Equitable Distributors, Inc. is an affiliate of The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. Equitable has been a member of the global AXA Group since 1991. With more than $655 billion under management (as of 12/31/98), AXA ranks as one of the world’s largest and fastest growing insurance and investment management organizations. The success of their operations depends on ensuring the availability of accurate information of customer accounts.

The Challenge

With millions of customer records and hundreds of transactions every minute Equitable Life has to have a robust computer and network infrastructure with high tolerance levels.

“One of our server rooms is undersized for the amount of equipment that it holds, in addition the air conditioning has proven to be unreliable. In that one room we have 30 servers and 4 Cisco routers. I wanted to know that if I went home at 5:00, I could be notified of any problems that might occur later that night. I didn’t want to come to work in the morning to a room full of dead equipment.” Angela Husted, Sr. Network Engineer,
Equitable Distributors, Inc .

The Solution

The aim of IT support at Equitable is proactively averting hard system and network failures before they occur. To manage their network Equitable zeroed on AKCP’s remote infrastructure monitoring Device sensorProbe.

Angela has Unicenter configured so that when it gets an event from AKCP’s temperature sensor a perl script is run that sends her a page. Currently she must come back to work to manually turn off the computers, but Angela says that she is looking forward to trying the AKCP Inc’s sensorProbe so that I can remotely power down the computers.”

The Result Achieved

Reduced Downtime – sensorProbe helps companies increase uptime and availability through advanced notification of potential problems and faster mean time-to-repair when failures do occur.

Increased Profits – sensorProbe is easy to implement and does not require the deployment of costly, intrusive agents.

Increased Employee satisfaction – Built in notification features like Email, SMS and SNMP traps, sensorProbe8 allows employees to manage their work and lives better.

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