AKCP Monitors Pharmaceutical Storage

AKCPBlog, Case Study

  CPS Uses AKCP Pharmaceutical Storage Temperature Monitoring CPS provides medication fulfilment and pharmacy consulting services to institutional facilities throughout the United States. AKCP’s remote temperature monitoring solution was implemented … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors Pharmaceutical Storage

AKCP Monitors Warner Bros.

AKCPBlog, Case Study

Warner Bros. use AKCP data center monitoring solution Utilizing the SP2 with a dual temperature and humidity sensor, the system has been able to generate alerts and allowed the proactive … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors Warner Bros.

AKCP Monitors HVAC Chillers

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HVAC Chiller Monitoring HVAC Assist, New Zealand, recently completed another installation utilizing the AKCP SP2+ and sensors for monitoring chillers in HVAC systems. In this project, the chiller was recently … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors HVAC Chillers

AKCP Monitors HVAC systems in New Zealand

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HVAC Remote Monitoring HVAC Assist Ltd, New Zealand have over 30+ years experience in the design and project management of HVAC systems for clients such as the Ministry of Education, … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors HVAC systems in New Zealand

AKCP Monitors UCLA Data Center

AKCPBlog, Case Study

UCLA Data Center Monitoring – AKCP Remote Monitoring The SP2 devices have been deployed at the UCLA Department of Mathematics Data Center. Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensors are used to … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors UCLA Data Center

AKCP Monitors ILRI Addis Ababa Campus

AKCPBlog, Case Study

The International Livestock Research Institute is an international agricultural research organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. They recently selected AKCP as their partner for real-time remote monitoring of their Addis Ababa, … Read More

AKCPAKCP Monitors ILRI Addis Ababa Campus

AKCP and Stanbic Bank

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AKCP Monitoring Remote Temperature and Power Monitoring Stanbic Bank, together with AKCP’s representative in Uganda has implemented a Remote Temperature and Power Monitoring solution for their Auto Bank ATM sites. … Read More

AKCPAKCP and Stanbic Bank

AKCP and Box Broadband

AKCPBlog, Case Study

AKCP and Box Broadband Remote Cabinet Monitoring Box Broadband is a newly establish ISP in the United Kingdom. They required a monitoring solution to log access to events to the … Read More

AKCPAKCP and Box Broadband

AKCP Installs for Clark Water, Philippines

AKCPBlog, Case Study

Clark Water, a subsidiary of Manila water, selects AKCP to partner in the installation of an upgraded monitoring solution for their remote sites. Clark, Philippines, a former US Military Base, … Read More

AKCPAKCP Installs for Clark Water, Philippines