Data Center Net Zero – CO2 Reduction

Data Centers consume approximately 200 TWh of power and contribute 0.3% of total carbon emissions. As this is set to increase, it is clear data centers have a critical role to play in contributing to Net Zero targets.

It is clear data centers need to make efforts in achieving Net Zero goals. It is not only beneficial to the environment, but reduction in energy use has the benefit of reduced OpEx. Where do you start with achieving Net Zero targets? AKCP sensorCFD, a sensor backed thermal analysis with CFD modeling of the data center will highlight areas that cooling energy is wasted, help to retrieve stranded capacity and reduce energy use. It is estimated a total of $133bn of energy savings can be achieved by data centers through correct and efficient thermal management.

Data Center Optimization

Optimizing your data center airflow improves the efficiency of the cooling systems. Identifying overcooled and stranded capacity is an essential step to lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions. Begin your data centers journey to net zero with AKCP sensorCFD.


Why Net Zero Matters

With data centers accounting for 0.3% of total CO2 emissions worldwide, and with the trend set to continue increasing, they have an important role in meeting net zero targets. It is a social responsibility of industries to consider their environmental impact.


Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

With sensors placed at each rack you can ensure 100% compliance with ASHRAE recommended temperatures and meet Uptime Institute recommendations for number of sensors per rack. Sensors reduce the risk of thermal shutdowns with account for 1/3 of data center outages.

Comply with ASHRAE and Uptime Institute

AKCPCO2 reduction