4K Ultra HD Bosch Camera Monitoring System

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At ISC West 2013 Bosch unveiled it’s latest image sensor technology. This 4K imaging technology delivers 4,000 horizontal and 2,000 vertical pixels to give an 8MP resolution that conforms to the SMPTE standard for HD images.

With this image sensor details are crisp and sharp, producing vivid images that pixelate less even with digital zoom. This makes 4k imaging technology ideal for capturing facial features, characters and numbers. The 16:9 aspect ratio give widescreen field of view (FOV) giving more coverage for a given space.

Future plans are for Bosch to develop a 12MP image sensor that is configurable in 4k mode, which would be an industry first.

The 4k image sensor is available in several of Bosch’s IP camera products including the DINION fixed camera and the FLEXIDOME models. These cameras are all available with ONVIF compliance. Being ONVIF compliant means they you can bring this technology into other ONVIF compliant NVR’s and software such AKCess Pro Server from AKCP.

AKCess Pro Server is an industry first software solution that combines access control, video surveillance and sensor monitoring into a single monitoring solution. All access control and sensor events are synchronized with video to give easy recall and visual reference of critical events. Being ONVIF compatible means AKCess Pro Server can maintain you at the cutting edge of the IP surveillance industry by interfacing with the latest technology.

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AKCP Administrator4K Ultra HD Bosch Camera Monitoring System