Environmental Monitoring Systems

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Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) are of critical importance across a variety of industries. At its heart an EMS is a collection of sensors for detecting environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, airflow. These sensors are usually connected to a device that monitors the parameters and will alert the operator should a sensor go outside of pre-determined thresholds.

EMS For Computer Rooms

Environmental monitoring is particularly applicable for computer rooms and data centers. Typically rack mounted servers have optimum operating temperatures that improve their reliability and longevity. Heat can kill electrical components quickly, and a lot of the supporting infrastructure in a computer room is aimed at controlling the environmental conditions. Racks have cooling fans that draw cool air from outside into the cabinet, and the room itself is equipped with air conditioning units and other HVAC equipment. Temperature and humidity sensors are vital, as are airflow sensors. Raised flooring with cable running beneath it is also monitored for water leakage. The sensors are monitored and alerts generated in the form of SNMP traps, e-mails, SMS etc. This allows quick response to potentially catastrophic situations that could lead to permanent damage and downtime of the rack mounted servers or other electrical equipment. Sensor controlled relays can also be deployed to switch on additional cooling fans or ACU should high temperature or humidity be detected.

EMS in Telecom Tower Shelters

Telecom tower sites typically contain shelters and cabinets that house sensitive equipment. EMS is employed to monitor these sites for environmental damage caused by high temperatures, failed air conditioning units and water damage. The usual remote nature of telecom tower infrastructure and number of sites involved can make managing the maintenance and uptime of these sites a challenge. An EMS solution that is designed for monitoring remote and multiple sites is the solution for this. Hundreds or thousands of telecom tower shelters can be monitored for various environmental and physical threats with all the data feeding back to regional or centralized management software. This allows for a smaller number of engineers to monitor and maintain a larger number of sites. Respond to alarms and alerts as necessary and avoid tower downtime caused by faulty equipment.

Environmental Monitoring Systems from AKCP

AKCP provides a solution for EMS in almost any industrial or commercial application. With a variety of intelligent base units (sensorProbe and securityProbe series) and sensors together with central management software (AKCess Pro Server) a system that meets the demands of the industry can be found. InteliTower by AKCP is a specialized complete monitoring system incorporating EMS, access control, power and security monitoring tailored for the telecom tower industry.

AKCP AdministratorEnvironmental Monitoring Systems