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Heard about ONVIF but not sure what it’s all about?

ONVIF is an industry standard for the IP based security products such as IP Cameras, NVR’s and other forms of IP based hardware used in the security industry. Founded in 2008 by Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Sony Corporation, ONVIF already has more than 250 members who are registered as producing ONVIF compliant devices. The main thrust and focus behind this being that all companies signing up to be ONVIF conformant will have compatibility and interoperability between devices.

Most of the big players in the IP video surveillance market have signed up to the ONVIF standard. Axis Cameras, who set the industry standard for IP video cameras are members, as well as HIK Vision, Geovision and Milestone (A full list of ONVIF members can be found here)

The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol between network video devices and describes how they should exchange information such as live video, audio, metadata and control information. ONVIF compliant devices from different manufacturers will be able to communicate with each other by requesting and sending live view video streams. The specification will also ensure that compliant devices are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems. The areas covered by the protocol are :-

–       IP configuration
–       Device discovery
–       Device management
–       Media configuration
–       Real time viewing
–       Event handling
–       PTZ control
–       Video analytics
–       Security

The overall goal of ONVIF is to give ease of integration for the end users of IP based security products. It is beneficial for the companies involved as it allows their products to be used with a wide range of other products (for example easy integration of an AXIS camera into a HP NVR). The standard also helps software developers who work with network video software to write software that is easy to integrate with the cameras available in the market place.

AKCP has complied with the ONVIF standard in our AKCess Pro Server software. This means that a range of IP video surveillance cameras can be connected to, monitored, recorded and viewed through our server software. So whatever IP cameras you choose, ensure they are ONVIF compliant and you can easily use them with AKCess Pro Server central management software that will synchronize video with access control and sensor events.

More information about ONVIF, or how to become a member can be found by visiting www.onvif.org

AKCP AdministratorONVIF IP Camera Remote Monitoring Software