AKCP expands securityProbe 5E capability

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Faster processor – More memory – handles up to 600 sensors – 8 intelligent sensor ports – 2 USB ports – 4 camera inputs

Bangkok, Thailand – September 21, 2009. AKCP launches the 5th generation securityProbe 5E, an upgraded version of its popular securityProbe, an intelligent monitoring device.

Now combining sensor and camera alerting for intruders, security breaches, high temperature, smoke, water leaks, power outages and much more, the new securityProbe 5E features a faster processor, 2 Gigs of SD flash, and, the ability to support up to 600 sensors, contacts or combinations of both using our low cost expansion units. These new expansion units are the E-opto16 with 16 opto-isolated dry contact inputs and the E-sensor8 with 8 intelligent sensor ports per unit. There is also a new contact sensor that can support 8 DC inputs or outputs per port allowing up to 64 contacts per unit or 164 in a 1u space.

New securityProbe 5E:

  • Faster 520 MHz processor
  • 2 gigs of internal SD flash that is field upgradable to 16 Gigs
  • 8 intelligent sensor ports
  • Modbus
  • 2 USB ports
  • 4 Camera inputs

New expansion units:

  • E-opto16 – 16 opto isolated dry contact inputs
  • E-sensor8 – 8 intelligent sensor ports


a digital IO adaptor that plugs into any securityProbe intelligent sensor port and can provide up to 8 digital inputs or outputs per port.

The securityProbe 5E gives customers the same functions and features as the previous model but is now faster and expandable. The price will stay the same as the unit it replaces $1395 plus shipping and taxes. To find out more you can watch our short presentation on the securityProbe 5E or take a look at the datasheet. The new securityProbe 5E can be ordered directly from AKCP or from any one of our many dealers located around the world. Visit www.akcp.com for more information on this and related products

About AKCP

AKCP Inc., established in 1981, created the market for SNMP based environmental and security monitoring solutions and has always had a huge influence on the design and manufacture of SNMP based products. Today, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental and security monitoring equipment with over 35,000 installations using AKCP for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. AKCP is a privately held company with headquarters in Hong Kong, manufacturing in the Philippines and leads the industry in innovation with a cutting edge Research and Development team in Thailand.

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AKCP AdministratorAKCP expands securityProbe 5E capability