AKCP SECIO – An Intelligent Low Voltage IO Device

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Sep. 9, 2013 – BANGKOK, Thailand April 23, 2013.

AKCP has announced that their popular expansion units are now available in 64, 128 or 192 dry contact version making expansion more affordable than ever. The SEC IO offers an efficient and cost effective expansion solution with the lowest cost per dry contact on the market today.

The dry contacts can be configured as inputs or outputs and the SECIO units are user definable so can be used to detect many different inputs such as UPS status, security systems, alarm panels or air conditioning status.

AKCP’s new release is important because it allows clients gain valuable insight into their operation by providing greater monitoring capacity. Clients can connect additional sensors or use the securityProbe IO to expand their current systems by covering more units or locations.

Typical Applications

§  SNMP interface for alarm/normal status.
§  SNMP traps sent when critical.
§  SNMP polling via get command.
§  When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, SMS, MMS, Skype, phone calls and other advanced notifications from the securityProbe 5E’s web interface.
§  Each of the dry contacts on the IO64/128/192 sensor can also be configured as outputs (0 / +5V) and sink up to 20mA at 0V.

The SEC IO offers an efficient and cost effective expansion solution with the lowest cost per dry contact on the market today. Customers can be order directly from AKCP or from any one of our many dealers located around the world. Visit www.akcp.com (https://akcp.com/index.htm) for more information on this and related products.

About AKCP

For over 30 years AKCP has been the market leader for environmental monitoring and access control solutions. With over 100,000 installations to date in over 80 countries, AKCP is unmatched as an integrated solution provider. With clientele such as Sony, Verizon, Chevron, the United Nations and NASA, it’s clear to see that AKCP produces the most innovative products in the world today.

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URL: https://www.akcp.comhttps://www.akcp.com/press-release/akcp-secio-an-intelligent-low-voltage-io-device-2/https://www.akcp.com/press-release/akcp-secio-an-intelligent-low-voltage-io-device-2/https://www.akcp.com/press-release/akcp-secio-an-intelligent-low-voltage-io-device-2/

AKCP AdministratorAKCP SECIO – An Intelligent Low Voltage IO Device