HVAC Maintenance Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Alerts for HVAC Technicians

  • Diagnose issues remotely
  • Lower overheads and increased efficiency
  • Increased service to your clients
The world’s best environmental monitoring solution just got better

Wireless, Easy to Install, HVAC Monitoring System

Over 30 years experience in monitoring solutions

AKCP is the worlds leader in environmental monitoring solutions. Our wireless technology using LoRa™ radio gives superior range and excellent penetration within buildings and through obstructions.

Refrigeration Cycle Monitoring

We supply a complete system for monitoring every critical stage of the refrigeration cycle.

  • Alerts when parameters are outside of normal operating range.
  • Remotely diagnose problems before they become serious.
  • Efficiently manage SLA’s, improved service and lower overhead.
  • No wasted site visits, make sure you arrive with the correct parts you need.

The system is wireless utilizing AKCP’s High Penetration Wireless System (HPWS™) technology for superior coverage in buildings.
Learn more about our wireless monitoring technology here.

Sensor Strings For Every Stage

The HVAC monitoring system is easy to configure. We have sensor strings for each stage of the refrigeration cycle, Compressor, Condenser and Evaporator. Sensor strings plug into a HPWN™ LoRa™ Device. Customize for single or 2 compressor, Package and Split type systems. Add more advanced options such as cellular communications

Sensor Strings For Every Stage

AKCPro Server – Centralized Monitoring

Monitoring of all deployed HVAC systems from a single user interface. Simply login to our cloud server for an overview of all your clients sites, drill down desktops, reports and historical data.

Drill Down Mapping

Zoomable global map displays all your customers sites, with a status icon that changes color from normal to warning to critical based on sensor values. Drill down from the world view to individual sites, and further to individual systems at each site, with animated refrigeration cycle desktops


Reports can be automatically generated giving a summary of all sensors in critical status, or specific sensors data over the past 24 hours. Reports are automatically e-mailed to designated people on a user defined schedule.

Custom Dashboards and Gauges

An animated diagram of the refrigeration cycle displays sensor data. Customize the standard diagram with additional components, for twin compressor or single compressor systems, package or split type and basic or advanced monitoring.

Cold Storage Monitoring Diagram
AKCPro Server Live Demo

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