SP2+ with Thermal Map Sensors

The world's best selling environmental and power monitoring platform has been upgraded.

Monitor your computer cabinet hotspots using thermal map sensors and SP2+


The world’s best selling environmental and power monitoring platform has been upgraded. Start with a basic package to enable monitoring over a single cabinet. Expand to a full data center, one cabinet at a time. Every computer rack monitored using AKCPro Server.

  • IP based, including SNMPv3, HTTPS, VPN
  • Send encrypted SNMP Trap and Email Notifications
  • Supports 4 Intelligent Sensors or up to 20 Dry Contacts
  • Optional cellular modem with external antenna
  • Notification Wizards
  • Front and Rear Thermal Mapping for any server cabinet
  • Low Cost Daisy Chained Temperature sensors
  • Optional Expansion Module connectivity
  • Virtual Sensors
  • Optional Modbus/Canbus

Thermal Maps (Sold Separately)

Thermal map sensors help identify and eliminate hotspots in your cabinets by identifying areas where temperature differential between front and rear are too high.

Thermal Map Sensors consist of 6 temperature sensors, with 3 positioned at the front of your cabinet, and 3 at the rear. A dual temperature and humidity version is also available, giving 6 temperature sensors and 2 humidity sensors, one at the front bottom and one at the rear top.

Display the temperature at the top, middle and bottom, front and rear of the cabinet and in addition the differential between front and rear isindicated as “normal”, “warning” or “critical” by a colored arrow. Having an accurate picture of your cabinets hotspots aids planning of efficiently cooling your cabinet, and the placement of heat generating equipment. They can also assist in the detection of problems within the cabinet, such as blocked airflow, or insufficient air being drawn through the servers, which can indicate failure of server cooling fans.

Thermal Maps are easy to install, come pre wired and ready to mount. With magnetic or ultra high bond adhesive tape to hold them in position on your cabinet. Mount each sensor on the front and rear doors of your perforated cabinet so they are exposed directly to the airflow in and out of the rack.

Example of thermal map user interface, in both the web UI and AKP Pro Server, cabinet views display individual sensor readings and status, as well as the front to rear temperature differential status.

Intelligent Sensors

SP2+ is compatible with all AKCP Intelligent sensors, making it an extremely versatile and cost effective monitoring solution. From the data center, to remote sites, industrial controls it has you covered.

Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Wherever monitoring of environmental conditions is important to your daily operations and health of equipment, deploy sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow and water leaks.

Security Sensors

RFID Access control swing handle cabinet locks, door contacts and motion detectors will keep you in tune with the security situation at your sites down to cabinet level. Control who can access and when with RFID access control, centrally managed and monitored through AKCPro Server.

Power Sensors

AC Voltage detection, DC volt meters, sensor controlled relays and power metering can all be done on the SP2+

Specialized Sensors

Ultrasonic tank level sensors can monitor for liquid levels in fuel tanks, oil storage, checmical tanks and so on. Any tank up to 2 meters in depth can be monitored. Alarms generated when levels drop to critical levels, making sure youc an re-fill with sufficient notice. Other specialized sensors include the keyswitch override, to disable notifications while maintenance work is being performed, and a programmable LCD display.

AKCPro Server (free with the purchase of SP2+)

  • Manage cabinet maps, sensors, access control and other equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor data center maps and drill down to single cabinets.
  • Automate notifications based on sensor, power or access control sensors status.
  • Notification Wizards : SNMP traps, Email, Popup Messages, SMS, Remote Unlock (and more…)
  • Use custom scripts for complex sensor input or notification outputs.

AKCP Rack+ System

SP2+ can be used as the platform for building an intelligent cabinet solution. With 4 sensor ports, you can choose from a range of intelligent sensors designed for your computer cabinet. For more advanced solutions where additional sensor ports are required we recommend you checkout our sensorProbeX+

Sensor Ports 4 RJ-45 Sensor Ports for connecting AKCP Autosense Sensors
Up to 20 Dry Contact Input and Output (0VDC/5VDC)
Mounting 0U rack-mountable
Compatible with AKCP’s DIN Rail Clips
Status Indication

LED indication for power

LED for network connectivity

LED for sensor online and threshold status

Internal Buzzer alarm

Components Manufactured using highly integrated, low power, surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
MTBF 1,400,000 Hours
Connectivity Optional Internal Cellular Modem (EU / US frequencies available). Includes External Antenna
Optional Expansion Capabilities Expansion port uses 1 sensor port
Connect up to 4 Cabinet Control Units
Dimensions Size : 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″
Weight : 0.3 Kg
Power Requirements Voltage : 5 VDC, 3Amp (Including Optional Modem)
Operating Environment Temperature: Min. -35° C – Max.80° C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

sensorProbe2+ Online Demo

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