Built in AKCPro Server
LoRa™ Sensor Gateway
50 Virtual Sensors

DCIM in a box, monitor all your AKCP sensors and network enabled equipment.

L-DCIM – Wireless Sensor Gateway with Server

Rapid deployment monitoring solution

The L-DCIM is a multipurpose wireless sensor gateway with LoRa™ radio technology, WiFi, Ethernet and 2x USB inputs. Embedded in the L-DCIM is the AKCPro Server monitoring platform. Recieve data from all your AKCP sensors, wired or wireless, as well as monitoring of third party devices via SNMP or Modbus. With wireless sensors easily scale and add sensors when your needs grow.

LoRa™ Radio

L-DCIM is equipped with a LoRa™ wireless radio for connecting AKCP wireless sensors. Easily deploy environmental and security monitoring solutions in hard to reach areas, no cabling, no IP addresses, no power needed. Learn more about LoRa™ Technology.


AKCPro Server Monitoring Platform

AKCPro Server is a world class centralized monitoring and management software. Including drill down mapping, drawing program for creating floorplans, graphing, custom dashboards, tablet user interface, sycnhronization of sensor events with video feeds. Find out more about AKCPro Server here.

LoRa Wireless Monitoring Solutions

L-DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Management with LoRa™

Deploying a DCIM in your data center is easy!

The AKCP L-DCIM is a “DCIM in a box” solution with embedded AKCPro Server. Monitor all your network enabled devices such as intelligent PDU’s, UPS’s, rectifiers and CRAC units. Supports SNMP, Ping and Modbus TCP/IP virtual sensors. Add sensors connected to AKCP base units for a complete end to end data center monitoring solution.

Tablet View

The L-DCIM has a dedicated tablet view user interface, allowing you to monitor your data center stats with drill down mapping from custom desktops over WiFi while roaming your data center. This allows technicans on the ground to be updated realtime and respond to critical alerts immediately.

Floorplan to Cabinet Mapping

AKCPro Server has a simple drawing program to allow you to quickly create floorplan views of your data center, drag and drop sensors into their relevant locations and drill down from a building wide to individual cabinet. The mapping user interface can be accessed from a desktop PC or on the roaming tablet view.

Video, Security and Access Control

Connect IP video cameras and record on sensor events. Synchronize this recorded video with events in a relatime playback window. Secure your data center with AKCP access control RFID swing handle cabinet locks and. Monitor and administer your data center acess control from a single user interface.

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