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Monitoring For All Aspects of Your Infrastructure

The AKCP Wireless Solutions use LoRa™ technology to maximize distance and signal penetration through buildings. We provide a complete system with a wide range of sensors, gateways and centralized monitoring platform. Ideal for the data center, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, warehousing, cold storage and distribution.

What Makes AKCP Different to other wireless sensor solutions?

AKCP has 30+ years experience in the sensor monitoring industry. With over 180,000 installations, a world class server, and a wide array of sensors, we offer the worlds most complete end to end LoRa™ solution.

Battery Life
  • 10 year free replacement guarantee*.
  • Total of 4,000 mAh battery capacity.
  • Advanced sleep mode algorithms.

View battery test reuslts.

  • Tuned antenna design.
  • Each antenna is hand tuned for your device.
  • Cutting edge testing and tuning technology.

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Signal Strength
  • Penetrates thick concrete and steel structures.
  • LoRa™ repeaters boost signal to your gateway.
  • Max gain allowed by law tuned on each device.

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Embedded Server
  • AKCPro Server embedded on the gateway.
  • No need for a PC. No monthly recurring costs.
  • No security issues associated with cloud services.**

More details on AKCPro Server

* Based on dual temp/hum sensor with 1-hour polling interval. 10-year guarantee at 15 minutes.
* Optional cloud service available from AKCP

LoRa Product Catalog and Datasheets

LoRa™ radio is an energy efficient, long range and low-cost bi-directional communications technology. Running on unlicensed frequencies it is specifically tailored towards IoT use cases. LoRa™radio modulation provides deep indoor penetration through walls, elevator shafts and basements making it ideal for building monitoring applications. Leveraging our 30+ years experience AKCP is the first company to bring a LoRa™wireless monitoring solution specifically to the data center. Data center critical infrastructure requires constant monitoring and instantaneous alerts. Below are some of the special features of the AKCP solution.

  • Immediate broadcast upon sensor status change
  • Periodic broadcasting of graph data as frequently as every 10 seconds
  • “Listen before talk” to minimize packet collisions
  • Listen before talk to minimize packet collisions
  • Utilizes the shortest spreading factor, giving several benefits
  • Increased battery life by using less airtime
  • Shorter airtime means more frequent broadcasts are possible
  • Individually tuned external antennas, maximum range with shortest spreading factor

The AKCP L-DCIM is a LoRa™ gateway with embedded Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring Software. It collects sensor data from wireless and wired sensors. AKCPro Server central monitoring software displays sensor data on customizable desktops, with gauges, graphs, action buttons, drill down mapping and asset tracking. Monitor on control room screens or roaming with the data center tablet view. Click here for a live demo of AKCPro Server.

The L-DCIM can monitor all your network enabled equipment, intelligent PDU’s, UPS’s, rectifiers and servers.

Data is fully SNMP addressable so it’s easy to integrate the AKCP sensor data to your existing NMS or other SNMP enabled management software.

LoRa™ Gateway with embedded AKCPro Server (LGS)

LoRa™ Gateway with embedded
AKCPro Server (LGS)

Wireless Environmental and Security Monitoring

AKCP Wireless devices use LoRa™ technology for optimal signal strength, penetration. We have a range of sensors, battery powered or USB powered, such as dual temperature and humidity sensors, water leak detection, tank depth, vibration and cabinet thermal maps.

All of our LoRa™ devices have external di-pole antennas that are individually tested and tuned to ensure correct broadcast frequency and strength for optimal signal range and penetration.

Wireless Environmental and Security Monitoring

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LORA™ Battery powered dual temperature and humidity sensor (LBTH)

LORA™ Battery powered dual temperature and humidity sensor (LBTH)

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