Wireless Warehouse Monitoring

Protect your warehouse environment

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Water Leaks
  • Access Control for secure cages
  • Delivery vehicle tracking
  • IP camera integration
Wireless Warehouse Monitoring

LoRa™ wireless battery powered sensor technology

Over 30 years experience in monitoring solutions

AKCP is the worlds leader in SNMP based environmental monitoring solutions. Our wireless technology using LoRa™ radio gives superior range and excellent penetration within buildings and through obstructions.

Rapid deployment – Integrated system

Rapidly deploy your monitoring system. Battery powered temperature and humidity sensors can be placed where needed, and will pair with the nearest AKCP LoRa™ Gateway. No cables or power needed, meaning safe installation on racking with no danger of snagging wires on forklifts. Sensors have a 10 year battery life guarantee. The Gateway comes with an integrated AKCPro Server for centralized monitoring, logging, graphing and reporting of all sensors. Learn more about our wireless monitoring solution here.

Temperature and Humidity

Protect items in your warehouse that require specific environmental conditions. Wireless dual temperature and humidity sensors are easily located where you need them, with long battery life you have no need for power or communications cables, which makes them ideal for warehouse shelving where cable and power is not available.

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Water Leak Detection

Place rope water sensors in areas where water ingress could cause potential damage to items stored in the warehouse. Rope water sensors communicate wirelessly and are powered by 5VDC USB input. Recieve alarms via e-mail, SNMP, or trigger a siren and strobe beacon.

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Access Control

Secure your warehouse, protect high value stock, synchronize access events with video from IP camera video feeds. Connect USB digital video cameras to the Lora Gateway, or utilize any IP ONVIF compatible camera with AKCPro Server.

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Centralized Monitoring

AKCPro Server comes built into every AKCP LoRa™ Wireless Gateway. Collect all your sensor data and display in a single user interface. Graphing, alarms and reports are managed through this system. Drill down mapping gives a graphical overview of your warehouse situation.

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AKCPro Server – Centralized Monitoring

Monitor your complete warehouse environmental conditions, control access, view reports and recieve alerts from one centralized management platform. AKCPro Server is integrated to every wireless gateway, no dedicated PC, or recurring monthly cloud service fees required. This world class central management and monitoring platform includes drill down mapping, custom dashboards, gauges, graphs and reports.

Drill Down Mapping

Zoomable global map displays your warehouse location(s) with drill down to a user uploadable floorplan of your building. Drill down from a site to building to rooms. Position sensors on the map with colored icons to indicate the status. Ideal for control rooms to give an overview of your critical infrastructure monitoring.


Reports can be automatically generated giving a summary of all sensors in critical status, or specific sensors data over the past 24 hours. Reports are automatically e-mailed to designated people on a user defined schedule.

Custom Dashboards and Gauges

Users can create their own dashboards showing the data relevant to them. Dashboards can be setup as per your specifications with gauges, graphs, system logs, maps and sensor status summary. We include a collection fo pre defined desktop layouts to choose from that can be further customized with a “drag and drop” user interface

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