Hi Support team,

The server room is very small and the client is getting ‘fluctuating’ humidity readings. See the list below which are over a short time period. Have you any experience of issues such as this?


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Thanks very much for the question.

For situations like this, the re-arm and the continuous time to report functions are useful.

For re-arm it is the amount of change there must be before the status can change. So if you make the re-arm 5% for example, it means that it must more at least 5% from its threshold in order to re-arm the status.

The continuous time is the number of seconds it must remain in a certain condition before we accept and report that condition. So if you made this 20 seconds, it must remain in that new condition 20 seconds before we accept and report that status.

These are used to smooth out fluctuating readings and reduce unnecessary alerts.

Here below are the screen shots of where you can change or edit these two features with the SP+ (SP2+ & SPX+) units web interface;

Also, if you are seeing a delay in your sensor data updates & graphing, always check the re arm and continuous time settings.

Please also refer to our SP+ unit manuals and sensor manuals which are downloadable from our support portal here; https://www.akcp.com/support-center/customer-login/

Best regards,

AKCP Support Team

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