Return on Investment (ROI)

Typical ROI for the sensorCFD system is 12 months, achieved through considerable energy savings. AKCP provides reports on potential energy savings, as well as realized energy savings and PUE improvements. Track your ROI with sensor backed metrics.

DCIM solutions are a necessity for management of the modern data center. However there is rarely any ROI. AKCPro Server combined with sensorCFD provides a genuine ROI. In addition to monitoring, alerts and DCIM functions sensorCFD provides advice where you can make improvements that will save you energy.
These energy savings can result in a payback of 12 months or less through cooling energy savings alone. Data center optimization through sensorCFD can unlock up to 30% savings on your current cooling costs.
data center rack maps

Immediate Benefits

from the moment the system is turned on sensorCFD is working on a model of your data center with analytical reports on potential energy savings.

return on investment

Reduction in CapEX

By unlocking wasted cooling energy and stranded capacity you can increase your data center load without purchasing additional cooling infrastructure.

reduced capEx

AKCPReturn on Investment (ROI)