Remote Telecom Custom Engineering Low Cost Quality Hardware and Software

AKCP leads the industry in innovation with a cutting edge research and development team in Russia and Thailand. AKCP employ only the best and brightest engineers from top universities around the world to develop unique products.

  • Comprehensive fabrication equipment for laser-cut metals, paint and custom graphic art provide much lower costs, faster lead-times (prototype and production) as well as full quality control.
  • AKCP’s production facilities can accommodate a full range of volume needs with a high monthly production capacity.
  • Extensive professional engineering teams specializing in advanced hardware and professional grade American software development.

AKCP are unrivaled in their ability to maintain the responsiveness of a small company while maintaining the manufacturing quality, low cost and effectiveness of our products. AKCP is founded by enthusiasts who enjoy the technological creativity, innovation and creation of products that are easy to use.

We take great pride in providing a highly reliable product to our customers. Knowing our equipment is used to monitor equipment failure and prevent downtime of critical systems, we have set ourselves the goal to deliver equipment that is reliable enough to take up this task.

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