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sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel Server (SP-WTS) Firmware Changelog

This is Changelog History of:

    • sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel Server (SP-WTS)


  • 2023-10-09 Version spwts-1.0.6028 (SP-WTS units)

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    The firmware should be used with APS version 16.2.x or higher in order to use all recent features

      • Main new features on the firmware:

        – [SENSORS] – Added support for more sensor types on the SP-WT Wireless Tunnel sensor
        – [SENSORS] – Added support for the SP-WT-3SPAD Wireless Tunnel sensor
        – [SENSORS] – Added support for the Probe Switch sensor
        – [SENSORS] – Added sensor communication quality indicator for I2C Smart Sensors (it shows the percent of communication success rate in the sensor settings page)
        – [SYSTEM] – Added new users management feature: multiple user account support, and custom roles/rights editor
        – [SYSTEM] – Added the ability to disable WebUI auto-logout for the user accounts (keep session forever)
        – [SYSTEM] – Added a new format for the notification event logs, for the SMS and SNMP Trap notifications
        – [SYSTEM] – Added a notification queue display for SMS and SNMP Trap notifications
        – [SYSTEM] – Added the ability to configure the modem’s SMS sending method between CS and PS via Telnet console (required when using the modem in some regions and operators)
        – [SYSTEM] – Added support for TACACS authentication method

      • Application Fixes/Improvements:
        – [SYSTEM] – Improved SP-WTS device stability on devices with many LoRa sensors
        – [SYSTEM] – Improved SP-WTS Wireless Tunnel sensors device settings synchronization
        – [SENSORS] – Increased the total number of supported sensors from 400 to 600
        – [SYSTEM] – Increased the Heartbeat total sensor statistic count from 10 to 32
        – [SYSTEM] – Improved VPN and Cloud APS processing
        – [SYSTEM] – Improved modem stability
        – [SENSORS] – Improved communication for sensors with I2C communication (THS, Thermal Map, Smart Sensors)
        – [SYSTEM] – Improved web interface loading time on devices with many sensors
        – [SYSTEM] – Added web interface loading percentage indicator
        – [SYSTEM] – Added the ability to display the new IP address on the LCD screen, when a new IP address has just been assigned by the DHCP server
        – [NETWORK] – Fixed device resource leak on long VPN connections, and during some other network-heavy activities
        – [SYSTEM] – Removed the “reportable” flag from successful SNMPv3 responses (flagged as invalid by some NMS)

  • 2023-05-15 Version spwts-1.0.5937 (SP-WTS units)

    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    The firmware must be used with APS version 16.2.x or higher

    Initial public release for SP-WTS units.
    Please check our manuals and guides for supported sensors and product limitations.
    You may also check our sensorProbe+ changelog page that lists generic changes affecting all SP+ products.

For previous releases, please contact [email protected]


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