SECIO64 An Intelligent IO Controller

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sep. 9, 2013 – BANGKOK, Thailand April 23, 2013. AKCP has announced that their popular expansion units are now available in 64, 128 or 192 dry contact … Read More

AKCP AdministratorSECIO64 An Intelligent IO Controller

Solar Powered Remote Cell Tower Sites

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There are an estimated 5 million cell towers worldwide, 640,000 of which are off grid and increasing at a rate of around 50,000 per year as cell tower network infrastructure … Read More

AKCP AdministratorSolar Powered Remote Cell Tower Sites

InteliTower Remote Cell Tower Division by AKCP

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Visit for more details. After over 20 years success in the field of environmental monitoring for computer rooms and the telecoms industry AKCP has created a division to specifically … Read More

AKCP AdministratorInteliTower Remote Cell Tower Division by AKCP

Lockheed Martin trust AKCP Monitoring Systems

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Lockheed Martin Trusts AKCP When Lockheed Martin needed an advanced environmental monitoring solution for their fuel monitoring they relied on AKCP. A crucial aspect of the integration process was proper … Read More

AKCP AdministratorLockheed Martin trust AKCP Monitoring Systems

Smart Telecom Philippines use AKCP

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Smart Telecom, Philippines, the largest cellular network and Internet service provider in the Philippines, installed AKCP monitoring devices at their Cebu and Manila data centers. securityProbe 5ES base units were … Read More

AKCP AdministratorSmart Telecom Philippines use AKCP

AKCP Supports Holy Angel University

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Electronic Engineering students at Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Philippines, have utilized AKCP base units in their project centered on safety and security in the work place. The students … Read More

AKCP AdministratorAKCP Supports Holy Angel University

DAS Distributed Antenna Systems

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A distributed antenna system is a collection of antenna that are spatially separated within a given geographic area. They all share a common base station or hub that houses the … Read More

AKCP AdministratorDAS Distributed Antenna Systems

Remote Site Monitoring and Control

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Together with AKCP’s dealer in Columbia, Klover, have installed a pilot project to monitor remote sites in Columbia. Ecopetrol are the state owned Columbian oil company involved in the exploration … Read More

AKCP AdministratorRemote Site Monitoring and Control