If you are spending all that money on monitoring, wouldn’t you like to know your sensors are calibrated?

2x NIST Traceable, Calibrated Sensors in one Stainless Steel Tube
Continuous Calibration check and failover
On SP2+, SPX+, and Wireless Tunnel

AKCP wireless temperature sensors

Wireless Tunnel with NIST2 sensor

30+ Years experience in professional sensor management solutions

Data Center and Server Room Wireless Sensors

Wireless technologies have several advantages over the traditional wired infrastructure used for temperature, humidity, water leak, and power monitoring. The main advantage is the lower cost of deployment. The time and cost savings by not needing structured cabling, network switch ports, and rack space can quickly make the total cost of ownership for wired sensors higher than their wireless counterparts. Read More about Data Center Wireless Sensor Monitoring

What is my Data Center PUE?

Data Center PUE is a metric used to determine how efficiently your power is being utilized. A ratio of cooling power to IT power consumption. It is an important metric for those looking to save money, reduce carbon footprint, or increase server loads without increasing cooling capacity. The use of containment in your data center design has massive impact on your PUE. Even a small computer room with a single rack can benefit from preventing hot and cold air mixing. This results in huge potential savings on energy costs. Try our PUE calcualtor to find out how much you can save.

PUE Calculator

AKCP Wireless Sensor - Wireless Tunnel™

Wireless Tunnel™ – Wireless Sensors

Long-range, high penetration, low power, wireless sensor communication. AKCP layered the Wireless Tunnel™ protocol on Semtechs LoRa™ chirp spectrum radio. The low power allows an excellent battery life of 10 years without compromising signal range. Our wireless sensors are suitable for remote monitoring a wide range of environmental, security, and power conditions. Find out more…..