Monitoring of your data center environmental, power and security conditions. SNMP V1/2/3 and Modbus TCP/IP support. View all your deployed AKCP and third party sensors in one software.

AKCP Sensors

Monitor all your AKCP sensors with AKCPro Server. Manage sensor thresholds, alerts and reports. Customizable desktops to display sensor data with gauges, graphs, rack mapping and data center visualization through 2D and 3D maps. Close integration to AKCP Thermal Map Sensors displays rack inlet, outlet and △T values for each of your racks. Identify hotspots and coldspots in your data center.
AKCP Thermal Map Sensors


Protect IT equipment from high temperatures and monitor for hotspots in your racks. Meet ASHRAE recommendations for data center operating temperatures.


Monitor your data center power consumption at a global and rack level. Calculate PUE and see instantly how changes you make in your data center affect your PUE.


AKCPro Server monitors your data center security. Integration with our access control system and RFID swing handle locks. Control and monitor access to your facilities and infrastructure.


2D and 3D data center visualization. Drill down mapping from a world view to individual sites, down to rack level. Quickly identify problem areas from an overview map of your data center.

Cross Platform Access

Access the AKCPro Server user interface from any device such as a laptop, smartphone, Windows or Linux machine. All you need is a web browser (Google Chrome recommended). There are no apps to install or packages to download.


sensorCFD™ is a free add-on for AKCPro Server. Use it as traditional CFD modelling of your data center with predictions of performacne and airflow. Add in AKCP sensors and you have sensor constrained CFD modeling with actual values and performance data.


AKCP has a wide range of sensors. Speciality sensors for the data center include cabinet thermal maps, contactless current sensors and in-line power meters. Close integration and management of AKCP sensors with AKCPro Server gives a complete end to end monitoring solution for your data center environmental security and power needs.

AKCPAKCPro Server : Monitoring