Release Stranded Capacity

Stranded capacity is wasted energy, cooling unnecessary equipment and loosing cooling to areas that need not be cooled. Releasing this stranded capacity improves energy efficiency, reduces costs and allows for increased data center capacity without additional cooling equipment.

AKCP sensorCFD performs a CFD analysis of your data center, utilizing live sensor data as the input. This sensor constrained model more accurately simulates your data centers airflow, cooling capacity and efficiency.
Through the analysis of multiple sensors per rack a model of your data centers thermal capacity is generated. Identification of stranded capacity, over cooled and under utilized cooling units enables proven energy savings.
release stranded capacity with AKCPro Server

Realtime Capacity Monitoring

Track your data center capacity and utilization. Ensure that you are running at optimum conditions, and release stranded capacity to increase server loads. Minimize wasted cooling capacity by ensuring cold air is where it needs to be.

real time insights

Simple and Clear Data Center Management

A 3D digital twin of your data center in AKCPro Server allows visualization of the complete data center, or drill down to containment aisles or individual racks. See instantly how changes you make affect your operating conditions.

data center management

Unlock Stranded Capacity and Power

Increase your data center operational output without increasing your PUE or WUE. No need to bring in additional cooling capacity when you unlock what you have. it’s a win-win, lower Op-Ex, Cap-Ex, increased output, reduced water and energy usage per kW and a lower carbon footprint.

unlock stranded capacity

Co-Location Reporting

Your co-locators benefit from receiving reports on their individual racks. This shows their performance, and can assist your co-locators with identifying ways they can reduce their energy consumption and lower their operational expenses. This service can set you apart from other co-location data centers providers.

reporting for co location

AKCPRelease Stranded Capacity