Customer Story – Iceland


It’s always great to hear feedback from our customers, here’s an e-mail we received from a recent client in Iceland. They had purchased some of our LoRa wireless sensors and … Read More

AKCPCustomer Story – Iceland

High Penetration Wireless System (HPWS™)


AKCP is an engineering driven company, with a passion for technology, providing workable solutions for customers monitoring needs. Over the past 10 years we have explored and developed several wireless … Read More

AKCPHigh Penetration Wireless System (HPWS™)

sensorProbeX+ Internal UPS


The AKCP sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) is now available with an internal battery backup. The internal mini UPS uses 4x AA rechargeable batteries to provide up to 1.5 hours worth of backup … Read More

AKCPsensorProbeX+ Internal UPS

AKCPro Server – Rack Maps


Rack Maps in AKCPro Server have new features. Add up to 3 sensors to the rack map window Support for dry contact and security sensors on doors. In the upper … Read More

AKCPAKCPro Server – Rack Maps

AKCPro Server – VPN Setup


When you have sensorProbe+ or securityProbe devices installed at remote locations, or communicating through a dynamic IP address the VPN is a useful feature to maintain a connection between your … Read More

AKCPAKCPro Server – VPN Setup