Cold Storage Monitoring

Monitoring cold storage and distribution

  • Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Wireless sensors for easy installation
  • Data logging during transport
  • Live tracking of deliveries
  • Access control and security

Critical Temperature Monitoring for Cold Storage

Over 30 years experience in sensor monitoring solutions

AKCP is the worlds leader in remote monitoring solutions. Our Wireless Tunnel™ radio sensor technology gives superior range and excellent penetration within buildings and through obstructions.

AKCP cold chain distribution monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring of your cold storage environment is vital to ensure your product is stored at correct temperatures and complies with local food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Check that your cold storage environment is within required parameters, receive alerts in advance of any potential problems and log data during transit.

refrigerated vanMonitoring Cold Chain
Chain Distribution

Data logging during transit is easy with wireless battery operated sensors. Data is logged and synchronizes with the AKCP Gateway when it returns to the depot. Live data is also possible with communications through cellualr data connection, together with live location via GPS.

refrigerator and freezerMonitoring Cold Chain
Storage Warehouse

Wireless temperature and humidity sensors transmit data to the central gateway. Data is logged and graphed regularly, with user defined thresholds for immediate alerts when critical conditions arise. Sensor controlled siren and strobe alarms can give audible and visual alerts.

Data Logging During Transit

Temperature monitoring of your cold storage facilities in real time. Delivery trucks log data while in transit which synchronizes with the Wireless Tunnel™ Gateway when it returns to the depot.

Wireless Tunnel™ temperature sensors internally log data and are battery operated. Simply place it in the truck upon dispatch and start logging temperature data.

Cold storage facilities environment, monitored with wireless temperature sensors. HVAC chilled water cooling systems are monitored with wireless pressure sensors.

AKCP Chilled Storage Monitoring Cold Storage facilities monitored in real time. Live tracking and monitoring of refrigerated delivery vehicles with GPS link.
AKCP Cold Chain Monitoring Cold Storage facilities monitored in real time. Refrigerated delivery vehicles log data and synchronize when back at warehouse.

AKCPro Server – Central Monitoring Software

AKCPro Server central monitoring software displays all your vehicle locations, and temperature values. Live central monitoring of all deployed devices. Daily reports and graphing. Use with all AKCP base units

AKCPro Server Mapping
AKCPro Server temperature monitoring
AKCPro Server Live Online Demo

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“For our installation at NEX Navy Exchange in Guam, cost was a major factor. The AKCP platform was easily installed, worked great and was very cost effective”
Bill Ward, District Facilities Manager. NEX Distribution Center, Guam.

NEX Distribution Center is responsible for frozen food storage and distribution of these products to all NEX locations located with Navy facilities throughout Guam.

Our freezers operate between -20C and -23C. We monitor within a 1°C accuracy using AKCP cold storage temperature sensors.

AKCP provided a cold chain distribution monitoring solution for the NEX warehouses. Temperature sensor data is available in real time. AKCP keeps an automatic log of freezer temperatures. Alerts are sent when the temperature is too high or too low.

NEX Warehouse

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