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COVID-19 Update

As a leading manufacturer of electronic monitoring equipment. We have been requested by The Health Organization of the Philippines to develop a portable monitoring system for use in their roadside testing of COVID-19. They want to ensure that the temperature of their test kits does not exceed -20°c

The Philippines is currently under community quarantine lockdown. This means even though factories have not been shut down, the movement of people is severely restricted.

In order to overcome this situation, we have a skeletal staff of 12 people, around 10% of our manufacturing workforce, who volunteered to remain billeted inside the factory for the duration of the lockdown. We have also moved our worldwide engineering and sales and support staff offsite where they can continue product development and customer support. We will continue to keep products flowing and supply the demands for the COVID-19 test Kit monitoring system. More……….

Wireless Tunnel™ Technology

Wireless Tunnel™

AKCP, the worlds leader in high performance wireless systems. Built on LoRa™ wireless radio technology, AKCP have added it’s own propretary hardware and software to standard LoRaWAN™. We push the boundaries of the technology, making it more reliable, secure and applicable for mission critical monitoring solutions. Find out more…..

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