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Sensor Monitoring

From the simple to the complex. Deployed in data centers, remote sites, cold chain and warehouses.


Sensor Monitoring

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Data Center Monitoring

Sensor solutions that prevent disaster while reducing energy usage.



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Free Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamics – sensorCFD™

sensor constrained computational fluid dynamics for your data center. Identify hotspots, cold spots, stranded capacity, reduce carbon emissions and improve your data center efficiency.

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What is my Data Center PUE?

Data Center PUE is a metric used to determine how efficiently your power is being utilized. A ratio of cooling power to IT power consumption. It is an important metric for those looking to save money, reduce carbon footprint, or increase server loads without increasing cooling capacity. The use of containment in your data center design has massive impact on your PUE. Even a small computer room with a single rack can benefit from preventing hot and cold air mixing. This results in huge potential savings on energy costs. Try our PUE calcualtor to find out how much you can save.


PUE Calculator