If you care about monitoring, wouldn’t you like to know that your sensor is always calibrated?

Free upgrade to NIST2 sensors for SPX+

2x NIST Traceable, Calibrated Sensors in one Stainless Steel Tube
Continuous Calibration check and failover
On SP2+, SPX+ and Wireless Tunnel

Wireless Tunnel with NIST2 sensor

30+ years experience in wired and wireless sensor management solutions

AKCP Wireless Sensor - Wireless Tunnel™

Wireless Tunnel™ – Wireless Sensors

Long range, high penetration, low power, wireless sensor communication. AKCP layered the Wireless Tunnel™ protocol on Semtechs LoRa™ chirp spectrum radio. The low power allows excellent battery life of 10 years without compromising signal range. Our wireless sensors are suitable for remote monitoring a wide range of environmental, security and power conditions. Find out more…..