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AKCP has an extensive range of wired and wireless sensors for remote monitoring applications. Download the AKCP product datasheets and media image packs, technical drawings and specifications.

securityProbe 5E Series
Product Datasheet Code
securityProbe 5E SEC5E
securityProbe-X20 SEC5E-X20
securityProbe-X60 SEC5E-X60
securityProbe 5ESV Series
Product Datasheet Code
securityProbe 5ESV SEC5ESV
securityProbe5ESV-X20 SEC5ESV-X20
securityProbe5ESV-X60 SEC5ESV-X60
securityProbe 5ES Series
Product Datasheet Code
securityProbe 5ES SEC5ES
securityProbe5ES-X20 SEC5ES-X20
securityProbe5ES-X60 SEC5ES-X60
sensorProbe+ Series
Product Datasheet Code
sensorProbe1+ SP1+
sensorProbe2+ SP2+
sensorProbe2+LCD SP2+LCD
sensorProbeX+ SPX+
powerProbeX+ PPX+
Wireless Tunnel™
Product Datasheet Code
Wireless Tunnel Server SP-WTS
Wireless Tunnel SP-WT
sensorProbe Series
Product Datasheet Code
sensorProbe2 SP2
sensorProbe4 SP4N
sensorProbe8 SP8N
sensorProbe8-X20 SP8N-X20
sensorProbe8-X60 SP8N-X60
Access Control
Product Datasheet Code
Door Control Unit DCU
Cabinet Control Unit CCU
RFID Card Reader ACR04
EM Door Lock
EM Cabinet Lock
Infrared Exit Button
External Lock Override
PVC Cards – Pack of 25
RFID Cabinet Lock SHL
Expansion Modules
Product Datasheet Code
E-opto16 E-OP16
E-sensor8 E-IS8N
Product Datasheet Code
High Resolution Digital Camera HD-DC
USB Pan Tilt Dome Camera HD-PTDC
Universal Mount Digital Camera UMC
Pan Tilt Dome Digital Camera PTDC
Product Datasheet Code
Rack Mount Kits
Intelligent Sensors
Product Datasheet Code
4-20 mAmp signal converter VC00
8 Port Sensor Relay 8PRB
AC Voltage Monitor Sensors ACV00
Airflow Sensor AFS00
Air Velocity Sensor AVT
Battery Monitoring Sensor BATTMON
Battery Monitoring Sensor (Wireless) WTS-BATTMON
Battery Terminal Temperature Sensor BTTS
Cabinet Analysis Sensor CAS
Cabinet Analysis Sensor (Wireless) LBCAS
Contactless Current Meter CCM
daisyTemp Sensor – Discontinued DCT00
Isolated Digital Voltmeter iDCV00
Dry Contact DCS15 DCS15
Dry Contact 5DCS 5DCS
Dry Contact 5DCS (Wireless) WTS-DC5
IO-Digital8 IODC8
Mini Sensor Controlled Relay MSCR
Modbus Adapter MOD-A
Power Monitor Sensor PMS
AC Sensor Controlled Relay AC-PRB00
DC Sensor Controller Relay DC-PRB00
J and K Type Thermocouple Adapter TCAJ / TCAK
ropeWater Sensor RWSCxx
Security Sensor SSxx
Sensor Adapter SEN-A
Siren Strobe Light STR00
Smoke Detector SK00
spotWater Detector WSxx
spotWater Detector (Wireless) WTS-WD-5
Single Port Temperature / Humidity Sensor THS00
Temperature and Humidity (Wireless) WTS-THS
Temperature Sensor (waterproof) TMPWxx
Temperature Sensors TMPxx
Temperature Sensors (Wireless) WTS-NIST2 / 3
Temperature / Humidity with Door Contact (Wireless) WTS-THD
Thermal Map Sensor THMSV2 / CTHMS-V2
Thermal Map Sensor (Wireless) WTS-CTHM
Thermocouple Sensor TCJ / TCK
Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor UCTS
Ultra Cold Temperature Sensor (Wireless) WTS-UCT
Current Transformers
Tank Depth Pressure Sensor TDPS
Tank Depth Pressure Sensor (Wireless) WTS-TDPS
Vibration Detector VDS
ropeFuel Sensor RFLS
locateWater Sensor RWLS
PIR Hardware Motion Detector MD00
probeSwitch PS00
Wireless Valve Motor Control
Wireless Switch Type Sensor Adapter WTS-SW
Wireless Pulse Counter WTS-PC
Wireless Pipe Pressure Sensor WTS-PPS
Wireless Pipe Differential Pressure Sensor WTS-PDPS
Wireless Modbus Adapter WTS-MOD
Wireless I/O Contacts
Wireless Current Meter
Wireless A2D Converter WTS-A2D
Wireless AC Voltage Detector
Wireless 10x Dry Contacts


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