Power Monitoring with Billing Grade Accuracy


Monitor up to 48 individual circuits, 1 phase or 3 phase


The powerProbe+ is part of the sensorProbe+ product family. A standalone unit with its own IP address it connects with up to 48 individual circuits. Installed at breaker panels with CT’s for each circuit and up to 3x voltage inputs for monitoring 1ph or 3ph power. No high voltage or current enters the unit, as voltage transformers and CT’s are utilized to isolate the device from the mains power. Ideal for colocation data centers who need to monitor with billing grade accuracy individual racks. It is a cost effective way to monitor power to many circuits within your facility.

A Modbus RS485 port is included to interface with third party devices, and a Basic Expansion Bus (BEB) port allows expansion with additional sensor ports, dry contacts and mini relays.


Dimension 44 (W) x 44 (H) low profile design
Expansion Port EXP port connecting EXP Remote Units or Modbus RS485 devices
BEB port for adding sensor ports, dry contact or relays with AKCP BEB units.
Mounting Wall-mount Bracket (standard)
1U rack mount brackets (optional)
DIN rail brackets
Power external 5.5V 3A Power Adapter Input Voltage and Current ratings : 100V~240V – 0.22A
Optional External 12-24 or 40-60 VDC dual power inputs
Status Indication LED indication for Power
LED for network connectivity
Componenets Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
Operating Environment Temperature : Min. 0°C – Max. 70°C
Humidity: Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
MTBF 1,400,000 Hours based on field experience with sensorProbe+ units.
Base Inputs 3x Voltage Transformer input
6×8 CT blocks, for total of 48 CT inputs
Max Sensors Maximum of 300 onlined sensors, including Expansion Units and viral sensors.
Inputs 3x Voltage Transformer Input (requires purchase of AKCP voltage transformer to match AC Voltage)
8x banks of 6x CT inputs (requires purchase of AKCP Current Transformers to match max load per circuit)
Supported Protocols
*Requires Additional License
Encrypted E-mail
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Sensor pack: VS
VPN – Connect to AKCPro Server from your base unit through VPN over Ethernet or cellular network.
Virtual sensor (pack of 5 sensors). Maximum of 80 virtual sensors. * **
Every PPX+ comes with 10 free virtual sensors. Additional available through license
3rd Party Modbus / PMS device.
3rd Party PMS & Modbus Up to 4 modbus devices with 15 sensors * **
500 Access Control user database : UA 500 users for access control (SP+ series has 100 users as standard)
Radius: RAD
Support for IPV6 network addresses
Radius user authentication server connection. TACACS authentication to Radius. Requires Radius License
Important Notes * powerProbe+ units can only have 60 Modbus RS485 sensors (virtual sensor + modbus devixces)
** powerProbe+ units can only have 60 Modbus TCP/IP sensors (virtual sensor + modbus devixces)


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