Pharmaceutical and Laboratory

Monitor and protect vaccines
and temperature sensitive drugs

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Wireless sensors for easy installation
  • Differential Pressure for Sterile Areas

Regulatory requirements and good practice determine that monitoring of your drug storage environment is critical. Many vaccines and drugs require storage between 2°C and 8C (35.6°F to 46.4°F)

AKCP provides a solution for monitoring of temperature sensitive drugs and vaccines during transport and storage. 2x NIST traceable, calibrated temperature sensors are compared for accuracy once a second. Alerts are sent if the sensor is out of calibration.

NIST4 sensors feature 4x temperature sensors working in 6 pair combinations with calibration checks, providing multiple failovers should a pair be out of calibration.

Temperature Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Monitoring

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