Remote Fuel and Generator Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Backup Power

  • Check fuel tank levels remotely
  • Audit fuel consumption and deliveries
  • Monitor Generators for Maintenance
  • Remote Generator Operation

Wireless Fuel and Generator Monitoring

Over 30 years experience in monitoring solutions

AKCP is the worlds leader in environmental monitoring solutions. Our Wireless Tunnel™ radio has excellent penetration within buildings and through obstructions. Our remote monitoring system can be deployed for generator monitoring and fuel tank monitoring.

Remote Generator Monitoring

Improve your generator performance, and cut operational costs with a generator monitoring system. Online generator monitoring will ensure that standby and backup generators are always at the ready. Prevent faults that can be costly to repair or result in higher fuel consumption.

Optimize your generator, check runtime and be reminded of maintenance schedules. Extend the life of your engine.

AKCP has sensors for monitoring power, battery voltage and current, runtime hours and fuel level. In addition, we can interface to control panels with Modbus RS485 or SNMP for more detailed data.

Wired and Wireless Remote Generator Monitoring System

AKCP remote Generator and fuel tank monitoring

The sensorProbeX+ can be used for a wired solution for generator monitoring. Connect the Modbus RS485 to the genset control panel such as ComAp or Deepsea panel. Collect engine data such as RPM, oil pressures, fuel flow etc. A wireless solution is available with the Wireless Modbus Adapter. If the generator control panel does not have Modbus RS485 then wired or wireless sensors for battery, fuel and power are installed.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Monitor fuel tanks for your generator, or other fuel and liquid storage tanks. Check fuel usage, graph over time. Compare fuel use with generator runtime and fuel deliveries. Reports sent on a weekly or monthly basis. Alerts when there is a sudden decrease in fuel level indicating potential leaks or fuel theft.

Tank Depth Pressure sensors monitor fuel level. Wireless and Wired sensors for tanks up to 20 meter maximum height.

AKCP Fuel and generator monitoring dashboard

Real-time generator monitoring and attached sensors. An engine gauge dashboard presents the parameters in a graphical, easy to read format. For installations at multiple sites, AKCPro Server manages all your devices from a single user interface. Centralized monitoring of your infrastructure. Mapping of each site and their locations with zoom in to specific sites. Integration with ONVIF IP cameras gives “eyes on” at each site, with video synchronized with sensor events. AKCP’s access control solution can be deployed to manage access at each site and is also administered through this central management software.

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