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AKCP Wireless Sensor Technology

Wireless Tunnel™ Built on Semtech’s LoRa™ Radio

AKCP’s Wireless Sensor Technology provides long range, high penetraton, low power, wireless sensor communication. AKCP layered the Wireless Tunnel™ protocol on Semtech’s LoRa™ chirp spread spectrum radio.

What is LoRa?

LoRa™ is an energy efficient, long range and low cost bi-directional communications technology. Running on unlicensesd frequencies it is specifically tailored towards lot use cases. LoRa™ has the ability to penetrate walls within buildings and has superior characteristics to standard Zigbee networks both in terms of interference and range. AKCP has built upon LoRa™ with both software and hardware enhancements to create the Wireless Tunnel™ System.

Wireless Tunnel™ An Alternative to LoRaWAN

Wireless Tunnel™ Technology Wireless Tunnel™

LoRaWAN™ is tuned for consumer networks with a large number of sensors communicating over long distance. AKCP’s proprietary Wireless Tunnel™ has tuned the hardware and software parameters for Industrial private, secure, networks. We have the most professional low power wireless system on the market.

The Wireless Tunnel™ allows for private networks providing the ultimate in security. Unlike LoRaWAN and other IoT cloud solutions, it removes the reliance on an internet connection. AKCP Wireless Tunnel Gateway (WTG) are dual-purpose communications and application servers. This enables local notification, control and reporting.

The Wireless Tunnel is suitable for large private networks in factories or data centers. It is also suitable for a mixed installation of wired and wireless sensors. Certain installations require that all data be maintained and stored locally, without internet access. The Wireless Tunnel is perfect for this type of installation. AKCP can tune the network for specific use cases and end-user requirements. For example higher than normal data rates, data logging including spooling and retries, fast bidirectional control.

For larger, multi-site installations the Wireless Tunnel™ Cloud can be used, where gateways are in pass-through mode feeding sensor data to AKCPro Server installed at a central location. This server can be cloud based, or self hosted in a private network.

Message Aknowledgment

Message Aknowledgment

A problem with wireless sensors is whether the messages are being received. AKCP has implemented aknowledgment of messages. If a sensors broadcast goes un-aknowledged the data is stored and re-broadcast at the next oppourtunity. This means if the gateway is down, or sensor is out of range, data continues to be logged and not lost.

Instant Threshold Broadcasting

Instant Threshold Broadcasting

AKCP Sensors have built in intelligence. Data is constantly analyzed to check the value does not exceed your defined threshold. Sensors immediately broadcast alarms with no need to wait for the next broadcast interval. This ensures you will never miss a mission critical sensor status change.

Bandwidth Utilization

Bandwidth Utilization

LoRa™ bandwidth restrictions make high density sensor installations problematic. AKCP have addressed this by shortening the message size. Less time is spent on air broadcasting. By halving the airtime, 2x the number of messages per hour can be boradcast, greatly increasing the number of sensors in high density installations.

Wireless Tunnel Gateways

Gateways collect data from Wireless Tunnel™ sensors within a 10km line of site radius. Data is stored on the gateway, graphed and can be viewed on a web browser through ethernet, WiFi or cellular data connections. For sites where more than one gateway is deployed AKCPro Server central monitoring software consolidates all sensor data in one user interface.

Gateway options include:

  • WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular Communications
  • GPS, geolocation of the gateway on AKCPro Server world map
  • Wireless Tunnel with connection to AKCPro Cloud Server
  • Wireless Tunnel with SNMP addressable sensors.

sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel Server (SP-WTS)

Wireless Sensors from AKCP

AKCP Wireless devices use our improved LoRaWAN™ Wireless Tunne™ Technology for optimal signal strength, penetration and reliability, especially in high density installations. We have a range of sensors, battery powered or USB powered, such as dual temperature and humidity sensors, water leak detection, tank depth, vibration and cabinet thermal maps.

View full range of AKCP Wireless Sensors

sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel (SP-WT) with THS01 connected

Data Center and Server Room Wireless Monitoring

What are the benefits of switching to wireless monitoring in your data center and server room? With so many wireless technologies available, what is the best option? AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ architecture is tailored to meet the needs of environmental monitoring in the data center and server room. Find out more

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