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Remote monitoring of concrete curing temperatures

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Monitoring the temperature of your concrete pour ensures optimal curing conditions, especially under extreme weather conditions. Achieve the concrete strength you need.

Why is Monitoring Temperature of Concrete Important?

Temperature differentials in mass concrete vary, with inner core temperatures being different to the surface. Industry standards dictate the maximum temperature differential based on the concrete specifications. When pouring in extreme weather conditions of heat or cold, monitoring is important, allowing engineers to heat aggregate, apply steam or ice as necessary to maintain curing temperatures.

Hot Weather Concrete

When pouring concrete in hot weather there is a danger of the concrete curing too fast as the hydration process occurs. This results in faster gains in strength early on in the curing time, but ultimately it will go on to lose strength in later stages. This results in less durable concrete that doesn’t meet the required strength specifications. The general rule of thumb during hot weather pours is to not exceed 70°C (160°F). The addition of cold water, ice, and cool aggregates can help maintain the temperature.

Cold Weather Concrete

During cold weather the hydration process slows down, in extreme cold, it can even stop altogether. Industrial standards state that temperature should be maintained at >5°C (40°F) for a minimum of 48 hours after pouring. Should the concrete be exposed to freezing temperatures in the first 24 hours it can result in a 50% loss in the 28-day strength. The use of insulation or heating blankets or steam can help maintain the required curing temperatures during cold weather pours.

AKCP Sensors to Monitor Concrete Temperature

Wireless, battery-powered temperature sensors are embedded in the concrete. They transmit live sensor data which is collected on a Wireless Tunnel™ gateway. Connected to the internet, monitoring on-site via your cellphone, tablet, or any internet-connected display. Set thresholds and receive alerts as soon as temperature goals are reached. Have peace of mind that your concrete is curing and know when target strengths are achieved.

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