AKCP Certified

AKCP certifies products and services which can be integrated with AKCP devices for the remote management of critical Infrastructure.


AlarmTILT! is a unified incident management solution, that helps businesses to reduce operating costs and to increase the quality of service by reacting in the very early stage to arising problems. It is designed to enable easy sending of alerts to mobile phones, PC’s and PDA’s.

Alarmtilt has been certified by AKCP for its compatibility with our remote monitoring solutions. Integrating alarmtilt with sensorProbe’s will enable the users to SMS Alerts in the event of any changes to the preset temperature or humidity settings. With features like alarm escalation and confirmation management, and support over 500 mobile networks our users will be in total control of their IT infrastructure.

Certification Program

We welcome the participation of companies, for integrating AKCP devices with their products/solutions for a secure IT environment.


To certify the interoperability of AKCP devices with your product/service, AKCP will evaluate a current version of your product or application. For more information on certifications please contact us at [email protected]