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Data Center Temperature Sensor and Intelligent Computer Cabinetss

Over 30 years experience in Data Center monitoring

AKCP is the worlds leader in SNMP based Data Center Monitoring Solutions. With over 200,000 installations worldwide, you can count on us to monitor and protect your Data Center.

Why is Data Center Temperature Monitoring Important?

The interior of an IT cabinet can be a hostile operating environment for your equipment. Servers, switches, and routers generate heat, which needs to be removed. Cool air is drawn in, reducing the operating temperature. Heat is the deadly enemy of your servers. This is why server room temperature monitoring is important. AKCP are a leading supplier of data center temperature sensor.

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Data Center Monitoring Solution

Whether you are looking for a few temperature and humidity sensors for your computer room, or rolling out a multi cabinet monitoring solution, AKCP has an end to end data center monitoring solution including sensors, and AKCPro Server DCIM software. Our Rack+ solution is an integrated intelligent rack or aisle containment system. Pressure differential sensors check proper air pressure gradients between hot and cold aisles. RFID Cabinet locks secure your IT infrastructure.

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Wired or Wireless Sensors

AKCP provides both a traditional wired and a wireless data centre monitoring solutions. Our Wireless Tunnel™ System builds upon LoRa™ technology, with specific features designed to meet the needs of data center monitoring. Wireless sensors give rapid deployment, easy installation and high level of security. It is the only LoRa based radio solution that has been designed specifically for critical infrastructure monitoring, with instant notifications and on sensor threshold level checking.

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AKCPro Server DCIM

Centralized data center monitoring with AKCPro Server. This  DCIM monitors all AKCP sensors, as well as third party devices via SNMP or Modbus. Drill down mapping, reports, alerts, graphing, synchronization of video with sensor events, access control administration, asset tracking and cabinet rack maps are all featured. Install on your own server or run the platform from the AKCP Cloud.

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Environmental Monitoring for Data Centers

Monitoring the environmental conditions in your computer room and data center is essential. Ensuring you are running at optimal ASHRAE recommended temperatures will mean less downtime and longer life of your servers and rack mounted equipment. AKCP has a range of sensors to help you do this, from basic temperature and humidity sensors, to cabinet thermal maps for detailed monitoring.

Temperature Monitoring

High temperatures in your rack are a serious problem, and can cause major downtime. Monitor your room temperature, CRAC units and cabinet temperatures. Thermal map sensors give you a detailed view of the front and rear temperatures as well as the ΔT front to rear temperature differential.

Water Leak Detection

Monitor for water leaks around your chillers, and under raised access flooring. Spot water sensors and rope water sensors are available. Locate type rope water sensors can tell you the precise location of the leak.

Air Pressure Differential Monitoring

Monitoring your cooling fans to ensure adequate airflow in your cabinet is a vital element of your monitoring system. Inefficient cooling can lead to temperature spikes and a total fan failure could be a disaster. AKCP has airflow sensors and differential pressure sensors for this purpose.

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Power Monitoring for Data Centers

Data Centers need un-interrupted power for zero downtime. AKCP monitors your complete power train, from mains power, to branch and cabinet level. In addition we can monitor your backup and redundant power systems such as generators, UPS and Rectifiers, as well as begin to automatically shut down equipment preserving essential systems when power is critical.

Main Line Power

Monitor 1ph or 3ph power. Power Meters can be installed at mainline power intake, as well as at branch level, allowing you to monitor power consumption at multiple locations through its distribution. Monitoring of mainline power is required for PUE calculations.

UPS Battery Stacks

UPS systems are found in every data center, big or small the chances are you have batteries to provide temporary power. With our virtual sensor technology we can monitor SNMP or Modbus enabled UPS stacks and rectifiers, generating alerts when the battery level is low. The Battery Monitoring Sensor can also be used to monitor battery stacks.

Cabinet Level Current and Power

Monitor current or power at cabinet level without the need for expensive intelligent PDU’s. Wireless High Performance Long Range Networks from AKCP provide low cost, easy installation at the overhead bus bar.

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Security Monitoring for Data Centers

Securing your cabinets and access to the data center floor is essential to preserve security of data and your assets. AKCP provides a range of access control products, including cabinet swing handle locks, as well as door controllers for restricting access to areas of your building. The access database is distributed to each controller meaning there is no need to authenticate back to the main server.

RFID Cabinet Locks

RFID cabinet locks include a manual key override for emergency access, master key for all racks, RFID card access and dual authentication RFID and PIN number options can be purchased. The RFID Swing Handle Lock is desigend to fit most standard cabinet panel preparations.

Door Control Unit

Door Control Units are used to connect elctromagnetic door locks, and electronically controlled bolts or latches. RFID readers and push button exit buttons allow for control of ingress and egress from rooms and buildings. For highly secure areas, card swipe in and out is also an option.

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